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10 Unique Tips & Tricks to Revolutionize Your Cleaning Routine 😱

On May 18, 2022 Home Reimagined was officially launched and since then we have grown to over a MILLION+ followers across all our social media accounts! 🤯

To celebrate, we decided to compile TEN of our favorite tips and tricks we have discovered and shared over the past year into a single blog post! 🤩 You are welcome 😉

Whether your a veteran clean freak, or a newbie wanting to simply spruce up your home a little bit; here you will find our must-know hacks for keeping your house a clean, beautiful living space! ✨


Removing Labels WITHOUT Residue

Taking your labels from this... this.... in seconds!!

Simply blow dry the label, while it is still sealed to your container, on hot for 15 seconds and peel immediately. Work slowly to ensure a flawless finish with no sticky residue!! 😍

For bigger labels, you may need to reheat it multiple times until the entire sticker is off!


Dealing with Dust on Top of Cabinets

Are your kitchen cabinets designed where they leave that foot of space between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling? So FRUSTRATING (like didn't the builder know I needed more storage 🙄). It's exhausting and frustrating always having to clean that specific spot so often because dust collects so fast.

Try this efficient and quick trick: lay strips of paper towel or newspaper on the top of your cabinets to collect the dust. When they get dirty, simply roll them up and replace!

No more dealing with the hassle of dusting and flinging dust around, dirtying your kitchen and air.


Creating Labels without the Fancy Machines

If you love to be organized and label all your cleaning supplies and storage (so do I!), but don't want the expense of buying a fancy label machine.... this one's for you. Print your words in whatever font you want on a basic printer and cut them into individual pieces. Take some ultra clear packing tape and tape over your words on the paper. Dip the entire thing into some warm water, let it soak for about 30 seconds and gently scratch off the paper residue. You will be left with a gorgeous, professional looking label! Let it air dry and the stickiness returns, meaning you can stick to any bottle or storage bin your heart desires!🤩



Removing Bedsheet Wrinkles without an Iron

Have you ever put your bedsheets on only to find they are still a bit wrinkled? Try this: fill a spray bottle with fabric softener (optional) and warm water, spray it on the wrinkled item and simply rub your hands along your bed to flatten it out. ✨ This will take out the majority of your wrinkles in a few minutes! This is so much easier and quicker than stripping your bed and getting out your iron. This also works with any other clothes or linens as well! 🛏


Cleaning Your Pesky Blinds

Getting dirt off of ALL parts of your blinds can be tricky. No one wants to sit there and wipe each individual piece on the top and bottom... We have a little trick though.

Grab a pair of tongs (any pair in your kitchen will work fine) and wrap each end in microfiber towels. You can use a rubber band or hair ties to make them stay tightly wrapped.

You should now be able to easily grip each blind tab to clean BOTH sides at once, without damaging them and in one fluid motion!

Pro Tip: Spray a multipurpose cleaner on each rag to deep clean and wash the blinds simultaneously! ✨


Shining your Silverware

Have you ever wondered, "how do I get my cutlery to shine like it used to?". Simply cleaning them doesn't quite do the trick after years of build up and you don't want your dinner guests using cloudy, dull looking forks and knives! 🍴

Don't waste your money on expensive polishing products or anything of the like. Just fold up a small piece of aluminum foil, throw it in the cutlery holder inside the dishwasher, and let it run it course like normal! Your cutlery will coming out looking shiny and newly polished!


Cleaning Shower Walls and Tubs

Washing showers and tubs is probably a top 3 most hated task in many people's cleaning routines. It's gross and back breaking (literally). To avoid these frustrations, try taking a Swiffer (yes, the sweeper you use to dust and mop your floors) and wrapping it in a microfiber towel. Spray your wall and tub with a cleaning solution and scrub away using your new apparatus to get high, low and in the corners! No more standing, crouching and squatting awkwardly while you hand sponge the entire area. 🧽

This is also a great tip for cleaning tall windows or mirrors for a streak-free finish.🪞


Adding Storage to a Small Bathroom

This tip is perfect for those who use a tiny college dorm bathroom or have to share your space with multiple other family members. This ladder is one of the best ways to optimize your storage space while also looking gorgeous and adding a bit of decor!

Simply hang it on the back of your door or on the wall to create multiple levels of storage and the perfect spot to hang all of your towels in one place!

Plus, the hooks on the side are PERFECT for hanging loofahs, wet towels, or other bathroom accessories!


Cleaning Baseboards

Baseboard cleaning is always a daunting task. Here are the best methods to clean them quickly and efficiently! 💫

  1. Clean them with your vacuum. This is a great hack for those who have trouble bending or kneeling down. Simply use one of your vacuum attachments and run it along the baseboards to pick all the dirt and debris for a clean looking finish!

  2. Take a dryer sheet to them. If you don't mind kneeling over, try running a dryer sheet over all the baseboards to flawlessly pick up all the dust and pet hair! This also helps your baseboards repel the dirt for longer afterwards because of the waxy finish on dryer sheets!

  3. Use a mop to finish it off. Use a fresh mop head and some wash water to wipe them clean and remove any stuck on stains like dog slobber, baby spit, food spills and more!


Dusting Knick-Knacks in Your Home

If you love collecting and decorating with small knick-knacks all over your home, you need this product! It can be tough to get all of the small crevices details of certain objects with basic towels or dusters. We recommend investing in these dusting gloves to help you dust your trinkets or anything else you might want to dust quickly and easily.

These gloves are also convenient to have in your car or work desk to quickly remove dust in a matter of seconds! 😉


And there you have it! 10 cleaning hacks you may never have heard of. We hope you learned something new to add to your cleaning routines and make life easier!

We thank you again for an amazing year! We adore sharing our passion with you and growing and learning new things everyday. We would not be here if it was not for your support, love and questions!!❤️ To many more years of Home Reimagined! ✨

See you next week!

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