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30 Minute Blitz: Quick and Effective Cleaning Tasks to Tackle⏰

Life can get busy and sometimes finding a whole day to devote to cleaning just isn't feasible. We get it!! We have all, at some point thought to ourselves, "how in the world do I fit cleaning into my busy schedule?!"🧐

That's why this week we're sharing a few lightning fast tasks you can conquer in 30 minutes or less. Whether you only have a few minutes before you have to get the kids to soccer practice, or you need to spruce up the place before guests arrive; these tasks are my go-to's when I only have a few minutes to spare!😅


Declutter a Table or Countertop

If you're like me, you have that one table that you tend to throw everything on, and it ends up becoming the "junk table", instead of the "dining table". Now is the time to really organize and declutter that table or any countertops! 😍

Sort through all that mail that's been piling up and remove all those knick-knacks that have found their way to the table or countertop but definitely do not belong there! Find a home for everything so next time you can put it away instead of cluttering up a surface!😅

This simple task can drastically brighten and clean the place up, especially if the table or countertop is in a high frequency area!!✨

⭐️ Pro Tip: Grab a basket before starting this task and put any items that belong in another room inside it as you go. This way you can then easily carry it from room to room to put away items that do not belong in the dining room! We love this collapsable small basket, because it is easy to store when you are done!


Spot Clean Floors

If you don't have the time to deep clean all your floors, try going from room to room and just spot cleaning any areas that really need it: corners that have built up dust, scuffs from furniture, mud spots, etc. 🧽

Also, a brief sweep or vacuum of the hardwood floors can make all the difference. Especially in the entry way, where the most dust and dirt will be from people tracking it in everyday! 🧹

⭐️ Pro Tip: If you are able to, a good robot vacuum is a MUST for keeping up with floors. Mine is set on a schedule to run everyday, so I can wake up to clean floors! It saves me tons of time during the week and reduces extra cleaning I need to do daily with a pet!


Dust High Frequency Areas

Go around high-frequency rooms and dust off surfaces that have built up dirt and dust; in whatever manner of your choosing (ie. duster, vacuum, damp microfiber towel, etc.). If you prefer using a damp microfiber towel, ensure you are drying it immediately to prevent any streaks or wet spots!💧

A brief wipe down of countertops, mantles, window sills, picture frames, etc. can freshen up and improve the appearance of your home exponentially!🤩

⭐️ Pro Tip: Grab a lint roller and use it to "dust" your lampshades. This will effectively remove dust, without pushing it all around the room. And allows you to get effectively into the small holes of the fabric lampshade.


Tidy Entry Hall

The first thing guests see when they walk in your home is the entry way!! A brief entryway blitz is a great quick task to do before welcoming people into your home. Put away any shoes, coats, bags, etc. that are strewn about, to make room for their belongings. And, as mentioned earlier, take a broom or vacuum to it, as it can get dirty quickly from people coming in and out!😌

⭐️ Pro Tip: If the shoes being stored at the front door are producing a foul odor, try adding a laundry dryer sheets inside each shoe, or a small wrapped up cloth filled with baking soda. This will help eliminate and hide those smelly feet odors, so your guest can be greeted with a pleasant smell, instead of a nasty one!


We hope this gave you a brief idea of what kind of tasks you can take on when you find yourself overwhelmed and unable to devote hours to cleaning! ✨

If you want more of these tasks, we just released a huge deep cleaning e-book called, "Reimagine Cleaning", which includes a full section of "quick" tasks you can do in 1 hour, 30 minutes, and 15 minutes!! Plus, in-depth walk through guides for whenever you can find the time to deep clean but don't know how or where to start!💗 Go check it out, here!!

See you next week!

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