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8 Tips To Kickstart Your Home Organization Journey💡

Many people want to organize their home, but have absolutely no clue where to start. Don't worry, I was in your shoes at one point too!!😅 Getting started is the hardest part. We want to help!!☺️

Here are 8 quick tips to kickstart your home organization journey!!🤩 If you find yourself getting lost while organizing your home, unsure where to begin, or what to do next, use these tips as your foundation blocks!🧱

At the bottom, you will find our FREE Organization guide that lists ALL of my favorite home organization products. It has a fully organized list of links and pictures for every basket, bin and organizer you could want in your home!! Again, this is completely free to download🥰


Set Clear Goals🥅

Before you begin, ensure you are setting clear goals for yourself. Understand your objective. What do you want to achieve with your organizational efforts? Be truthful with yourself!



Declutter each area you want to organize. We have an entire (FREE) decluttering guide to help you get started, here. Remember, you either get the space or you get the item. Pick with your goal in mind!


Room By Room🏠

Don’t overwhelm yourself! You don’t have to organize your entire home in one day!! Start small. Do your kitchen utensils one day and your bathroom toiletries the next! Take it room-by-room, cabinet-by-cabinet, drawer-by-drawer.



Look at your items and prioritize what you use most. Make the most frequently used items more accessible and vice-versa! This will create a system that is functional for every day use.



Labeling each of your containers helps keep everything where it is “supposed” to go. And it helps out other members of the family to keep your organizational system running, as you intended!

The label maker I use, here.

Okay, maybe you don't have to label EVERYTHING😉😂

Vertical Space👆👇

Don’t forget to utilize vertical space! Vertical space can be crucial, especially when you live in a smaller place. Take advantage of anything that extends up the wall and think vertical; shelves, tall bookcases, pegboards, etc.!


Seasonal Rotation❄️🔥

Rotate seasonal items such as clothing, decorations, and sports equipment to keep your space clutter-free. Label the boxes you put away for the season so they are easy to find and access next year!


Don't Overcomplicate❌

Keep your organizational systems simple and easy to maintain. Overcomplicating can lead to frustration. The more complicated the system is, the harder it will be to maintain long term!

If this 👆, is how your brain feels with your organizational systems, simplify it!!😉

If you are having trouble deciding which products would be best, that's where our Organizational Guide comes in!! We have a HUGE list with links and picture of bins, baskets, and organizers of ALL kind! It is FREE to download and look back through whenever you want☺️


We hope this helped you kickstart your organization journey!!🥰 I LOVE organizing my home to be aesthetically beautiful, but also to be more functional!! 🤩

If you have any questions, please drop them in the comments below and we will be more than happy to answer any!! Or you can shoot us a DM over on any of our socials listed below😋

Happy Organizing✨

See you next week!

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