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Amazon Prime Day Deals 2022!

Amazon Prime Day is HERE!!!

July 12 and July 13 2022 is the greatest time of the year, and I took the time to find some of the BEST deals on home, organization, and cleaning products here for you!!!

What are you looking for this prime day? 🤔 I bet I have it below. Drop a comment which is your favorite! Click on any of the ones below or you can see more deals in my Amazon Storefront here.

This is my FAVORITE item in my home. You can utilize it to clean grout, gunk off of furniture, hard water stains, tough set in stains in your home and more! The attachments allows you to clean multiple areas easily! 20% off on prime days!

See it in action here!

Purchase this Steamer Here.

I love this Tineco OneS3 vacuum. If you hate mopping, because it’s a massive process, and doesn’t always work the first time, the you need this!! This vacuum cleans up crumbs, pieces and other things like a regular vacuum BUT also mops at the same time! Can you believe that? 🫣 the best part? It’s self cleaning!!! 🥹 stop wasting your time with dirty mops and gross sponges. This will save you hours!!

Prime day deal is $120 off, PLUS a free gift. If you add both the vacuum and the extra cleaning solution to your cart, use code “Tinsolution1” at checkout, you will receive the cleaning solution FREE!

See it in action here.

Purchase on Amazon Here.

This is my favorite mop out there. If you don’t want to get a wet/dry vacuum, I would HIGHLY recommend this mop. It works so well. The spinning is so fun and gets the mop to the perfect dampness so you don’t soak your floors! Plus the heads are washable and replaceable! What is better?!

Watch it in action here. Or here.

I love my Swiffer for cleaning windows, walls, baseboards, floors, cars and more! I love to use it untraditionally, more than I like to use it regularly! But either way, you can find a solution to use your Swiffer with the wet mop pads or the dry. OR use a microfiber cloth!

See it in action here.

Purchase Swiffer here.

This is a fantastic air purifier, highly recommended. This takes your air and purifies, for cleaner, safer and healthier air! Especially if you have pets (dander is in the air!!!). It is sleek and nice looking! Hide it anywhere or display it proudly!! 44% off on prime day!

You’ve heard of the iRobot, the original robot vacuum, where it cleans your home for you. Usually you’re seeing this item for $1200+. But not on Prime Day, it’s 50% off!! 🙀 this robot vacuum cleans your home through mapping technology, empties itself, and set up times for it to go! It learns your cleaning habits and will suggest when extra cleaning is needed. Amazing!

We all love a good camera doorbell! See who is at your door, get notifications when movement is spotted, check on packages and more! Perfect for any home owner (or renter 😉).

Purchase your Ring Doorbell here.

I love these!! They work on ALLLL kinds of surfaces. They remove any stains. I use them on doors, shelves, shoes, and more. They really are magic! Usually pretty pricey, these are 23% off today!

I love Shark vacuums. They are high quality, long lasting and powerful! This stick vacuum is easy to store, wireless, and many attachments /adjustments to reach all areas!

Order your Shark Vacuum Here.

Who doesn’t need a smart watch?! This smart watch offers ability to track workouts, keep time, send message and more! Perfect to connect to your iPhone and it’s sleek!

Need to clean up small messes? This portable handheld vacuum holds battery, picks up tons of messes and works wonders in your home and office! Plus it’s 33% off!!

These are my favorite dishwashing pods! They clean dishes amazing, leave them dry and work so well with my dishwasher! Plus this is a MASSIVE box.

I couldn’t live my life without my echo. My entire home is hooked up to it! I turn on all my lights, adjust my temperature, change TV channels, power my robot vacuum and more! You cannot live without a smart home these days!!! I listen to my favorite music and love changing the color lights to match my song choices!

Get your Echo Dot Here.

Looking for extra storage? Who isn’t! 🤔 This sturdy wire shelf is perfect for extra storage of kitchen, bathroom or garage supplies! Sturdy and nice looking, you can’t go wrong!

Love ice cold drinks or chewing ice? This is the good kind! Check out these nugget shaped ice cube maker. Easy to store on the counter or in an office! Perfect for anyone!!

One of my favorite band soaps. These babies smell amazing, come in different sizes and refills, and are all natural!

Love to bake? Get this mini mixer on Prime Day to make delicious cookies, cakes and more! Snag this adorable mint colored mixer and make any baker's life, perfect!!

Get your Mixer here!

I love my waterpik! I always wait till prime day because they have the BEST deals for them! Use it like you would floss, however, more hygienic, easier to use, different modes/speeds/pressure and feels nice on the teeth! I couldn't live without this thing!!

Get your Waterpik here.

Looking for shower heads, toilet seats, faucets, towel bars or other kitchen and bathroom accessories? Look no further! Tons of the American Standard and GROHE products are on sale for Prime day! Upgrade your bathroom in a snap, with gorgeous and modern fixtures, sure to make any home beautiful!

Drop one of these in your toilet before going #2 and be amazed at how clean your toilet smells after!! Perfect gift for husbands, dads, grandfathers, friends and MORE! Not just for men, these are even perfect for the ladies!!

Amazon Basics offers this 10 piece, mixed size food storage containers with the stratifying click sound you hear on all those ASMR restock videos!! WOO!! Get them for your lunches, meal prep, and leftovers here!

Which is your favorite Amazon Prime Day deal you have found?! These are all of MINE! I would love to hear what you discovered, feel free to share a comment!! And shop more of my favorites all year round at my Amazon Storefront here.


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