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Are Airtight Containers Worth It?

I'm sure many of you have seen some variation of these airtight containers in someone's pantry before!! 👇

They are most commonly used to organize all kinds of food and snacks in your pantry!!🍿 They look absolutely beautiful... but can definitely add up in price!💵 So the golden question is: are airtight containers worth it?🤔 Are they worth the money invested? Why or why not? Are they actually helpful besides just for "aesthetic" purposes??🤨

SO, after having airtight containers for years to organize my pantry and fridge, I'm here to give you 7 reasons why I find airtight containers to be worth every cent!!!🥰👇


🍿Keeps Food Fresh and Preserved🍿

Chip clips don’t preserve your food and it will go to waste much faster! Airtight seals lock in freshness, ensuring your snacks and ingredients stay as delicious as the day you bought them. 😉 Additionally, you can use certain containers in the freezer to prevent any gross freezer burn! ❄️👌


🪳Saves Food from Weevils🪳

Say goodbye to unwanted pantry creepy crawlies! Some bugs and pests can slip through cracks in cardboard or even chew right through it!! Airtight containers act as a strong barrier against these pesky weevils, keeping your staples safe and sound.🥰

(Trust me, I had this issue before I got containers, and EVERYTHING open had to be tossed 😤… and then fully sanitized. NOT FUN! 😡)



Airtight containers are reusable for years and years!!🗓️ Many are even dishwasher safe, so you can just easily toss them in dishwasher to clean them between each use!! No more one time use plastic bags and wraps that takes decades to decompose and hurt the planet.😬


🪫Easy to See When Running Low🪫

There's nothing worse than planning out a meal, and then realizing you're out of a key ingredient in the middle of cooking!!🥲 The clear containers, all laid out in an organized fashion, make it a breeze to see when your essentials are running low, so you can restock before you're in a pinch.🤏


🤩Aesthetic Purposes🤩

And of course, airtight containers elevate your kitchen aesthetics! They come in sleek designs and various sizes, turning your pantry into a stylish and organized haven.😇 Having my pantry organized with these makes me feel like I have my life together!🤣


🫙They Make More Room on Shelf🫙

Maximize your pantry space!!🤩 As opposed to random boxes and packaging of various shapes and sizes in disarray, airtight containers are compact and stackable!! They create more room on your shelves, helping you make the most of your kitchen storage.🥳


👃Odor Control👃

With airtight containers, your pantry and fridge will stay fresh and flavorful.🥰 No more worrying about strong odors ruining and cross contaminating your favorite foods or stinking up your fridge/pantry!! Each food/ingredient is locked in tight within their containers🥳


There are many different kinds of airtight containers on the market! I actually have a few different brands that I always swear by!!👇

OXO Pop Airtight Containers

These are my main, go-to airtight containers!🤩 The lid is has a "pop up" button, that when pushed down, seals the containers. When pushed again, it'll pop up and double as a handle to open it!!🤯 The design is sleek with various sizes to fit every snack or ingredient you could imagine! They are also dishwasher safe and stackable!!😇

You can purchase them all together in one big package. Or, you can buy each container individually if you are looking for specific sizes, or need to replace one!😍


Vtopmart Airtight Containers

These are the second airtight containers I use! The lid mechanism is a little different, but just as efficient! The price reflects that the material is a little lower quality than my preferred OXO Containers, but they work great!!🥰 They also come in multiple sizes and are stackable; however, they aren't dishwasher safe!💧


Glass Airtight Containers

These glass containers are also a GREAT option!! They are high quality, and heat/cold resistant making them very durable!🤩 The bamboo lid adds to the beautiful, sleek design that makes them great for displaying out on countertops, without looking disorganized!🫙 However, they are harder to open as they don't have a "lock/unlock" mechanism! Nevertheless, they are airtight and dishwasher safe🥰


Rubber Brilliance Airtight Containers

These are shorter, smaller airtight containers that are perfect for food prep and storing in the fridge or freezer!!❄️ They are even microwave safe with the lids on them!🤯 Making them perfect for meal prepping and taking to work for a delicious, no hassle, hot lunch😋


I have actively used airtight containers in my pantry and fridge for years now and have absolutely no regrets!!🤩 They look beautiful, are functional, and last forever! While it may be a bit pricier of an investment, it is so worth it in the long run!!🥳

What do you think?? Are airtight containers worth it? Why or why not?🤔 Let us know in the comments!!✨

See you next week!

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