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Favorite Décor Items

If you love design and you love décor, you have to see my favorites below! This list is every changing and I plan to add many styles as I go! Tune back for more! You can also see a full set of my amazon décor favorites in my amazon storefront, here.

Mid-Century Modern:

I like to use fabric and wallpaper to fill frames instead of paying for large canvases or art. This allows you to customize your items AND get creative! I like the look of the bold patterns, mixed with a boho design for a softer, more updated look! Here are a few creative options I like for the mid-century modern look!

Colored vases that add a pop of FUN to any mid-century modern home. It doesn't have to be all color or all dark. These cute colored vases add spark and fun but keep the clay vibe alive!

These adorable vases make great decor for shelves, or vases for flowers or cute feathers! Perfect for mixing it up!

Cute ceramic rustic vase set, perfect for a rustic/mid-century twist!! Place these on your shelves, tables and more!

I love to use wallpaper and posters as photos in frames! Take these chic posters and add them to any frame to make a unique wall art item or a background for your favorite family photos!!

Take this awesome wallpaper and turn it into a photo frame. OR stick it to the back of your shelving units for a fun twist! This stick and peel is perfect for any renter friendly home.

I love this wallpaper for its mid-century modern lines and design but the gold makes it much more modern and chic! It is a great mix up!

These cute posters are PERFECT for any frame or wall. Stick them in a frame and have instant art, at half the price!

Modern Farmhouse:

My personal home is decked out in Modern Farmhouse (#JoannaGaines) but that doesn't mean my home is just solid gray with no walls. I like to mix and match some of my favorite neutrals with farmhouse green, orange, blues, and even pinks! I change my home up for each season, mixing up the design all year long so I never get board! EASY! Just pick a few key items and switch them out. For me, it is pillow cases, wreaths, door mats and more. Check out my favorite items here:

I love this ladder and I use it for my bathroom to store my guest towels, hang baskets for toilet paper and more! Its adorable! Very versatile and can be used in the living room for blankets, bedroom for robes or bathroom for towels!

I love these faux plants with adorable clay style pots. I use them in lots of rooms in my home and think they are perfect for anything!

Large farmhouse clock that is perfect for any living room! Made out of a metal looking material, you will see the time in any room and spice up your home with a great accent piece!

No matter your style, home or taste you can enjoy some of these fantastic design finds. Mix and match to make your own favorite room and spice up any room to make you happy!! Follow along for more great posts! And don't forget to visit our Amazon storefront here for more design, organization and cleaning products!


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