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Favorite Nail Products

It is not secret that my nails are ALWAYS done in my videos, and I get lots of questions about the polish I use, products and more! I decided to create a post about all my favorite nail products and their links for your convenience!

I started using dip nail polish in July 2021, after using stickers, regular polish, and everything in between. I loved the dip/SNS nail polish, but sadly did not like paying the price every 2-3 weeks... So I decided to give it a go myself!

After some major trial and error, I became pretty good at it! I learned what tricks to use and what not to, what products I needed, mixing brands, and more. I realized that while kits from some of my favorite companies like Nailboo or Sparkle, come with a lot of great

things, they seem to lack quality (or missing all together) in a few of their tools. So I have compiled a list for you of my MUST HAVE products for beautiful nails and seamless dipping (or regular nail care!) and all the links!

Tools Needed:

  • Cuticle Oil is a MUST for softening the cuticles after removing dip with harsh chemicals like acetone and after finishing a new set. Or just for regular use on the nails!

  • This glass nailfile set is PERFECT for getting the most gorgeous cuticle line and make it smooth. It is also very effective as a file and works great when buffing or working on small areas of getting the dip smooth.

  • Use this cuticle remover on nails before you dip. Drip on the nails, let sit for 60 seconds, then gently push cuticles back, starting from middle of nail. This removes the invisible cuticle on your nail you did not even know you had. And lets the dip and polish stick to the nails MUCH better and much longer.

  • Once you have let your Blue Cross Cuticle remover sit on your nails for a moment, this glass cuticle pusher is SO much better than the metal ones you are used to. The metal ones can push at the wrong angle, so they can end up going too far and into your nail and causing infections. I love these as they don't damage your nail but work well!

  • Nail Buffing Blocks are SO much better than the file buffer the kits come with. These are great for roughing up the nails before applying dip and for buffing the dip once it is on to a smooth, and gorgeous look!

  • These files SHOULD NEVER BE USED ON NATURAL NAILS! They are extremally rough and can ruin natural nails. They can only be used to dip after it has been applied to smooth out any rough edges and bumps. Again, I only use these for extremally tough bumps or dip that has dried off of my nail and is creating a line past my hand. They are AMAZAING for this, but do not use to file regular nails.

  • These are a necessity for wiping nails before application and after activator, wiping brushes off between strokes and cleaning brushes. The lint free allows the fuzz that is on paper towels and regular towels to not get stuck and contaminate your liquids.

  • Needed to dehydrate nails after all your prep is done and you are ready to start polish. Additionally, needed after letting the activator sit, before you put the top coat on.

  • Perfect for rubbing alcohol so you don't pour the whole bottle out on yourself. Plus its super cute and useful! I love mine!

Liquids & Powders:

  • These are some of my favorite dip liquid sets! These work really well, do not stick

to the bottle, do not lock up and last a while! PLUS I love that they come with a brush cleaning bottle, when you are done with your base liquid, wipe the brush off on a paper towel; take the brush in the cleaner bottle, wipe it off and switch the brushes (putting base brush in the cleaner and cleaner brush in the base bottle). Shake cleaner bottle and then next time you dip, you have a fresh brush. You can use the cleaner for any of the bottles (base, activator or top coat) if they become hard or brittle, just ensure the brush you put in the cleaner bottle sits in there for at least 24 hours.

Nailboo Dip Powder

  • You can order the powder and build powder on Amazon OR their website! If you order on Amazon, just ensure you are just ordering the powder (and get the liquids above) because the Nailboo liquids are NOT my favorite!!! Here is the link to the Amazon Nailboo Dip Powder.

Removal Process Items Needed:

When soaking your nails off, I recommend the hot water trick. Place "Soak Off" in zip lock baggie, with olive oil or any other oil and a dryer sheet. Then warm a bowl of water, and put the Ziplock baggie in the water bowl and put your hand in the baggie. Rub fingers around against the dryer sheet. This warms up the acetone and helps remove polish faster! It takes me less than 5 min for both hands. Here is what you need:

  • Soak off is a great product for removing dip nail polish. In order to remove dip you need to use 100% acetone, but this includes some oil products to help reduce the dryness in your fingers!

  • Any dryer sheets will work, I have included the ones I use though!

  • Any sort of olive oil or other oils (cooking, vegetable, etc.) will work too!

  • For removing with the hot water method. Any ziplock baggie will do!

If you like to get fancy in your removal, and do not want to use ziplock baggies and bowl, they actually make a tool that you can reuse with your acetone/soak off and the hot water method. This is definitely more environmentally friendly than wasting plastic bags. Check it out here:

Organization Containers:

The best part is organizing your beautiful new nail dip collection and all of its


  • I love this organizer because it fits dip jars perfectly in each divided section, you can remove the dividers and make it fit different items (I put powders AND tools like my cuticle pusher, brushes, etc.)

  • I use the first two layers for my tools and the remainder for my dips. I have about 36 dips jars in there PLUS tools AND room to grow!

Coupon Codes:

Nailboo Coupon code for $10 off your first order, which you can use with any other coupon they are running at the time! Click HERE.

I hope you enjoyed this nail guide and a fun little switch up to our regular organization and cleaning tips!


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