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How To Clean Your Coffee Machine☕️

If you happen to be like me, you may not have cleaned your coffee machine in..... a really long time😅 My machine had so much buildup that I had to scrub off!!🥴 I really should have been doing it routinely, but at least now I know how to efficiently do it and how easy it is!!

So today, I'm giving you the step by step of how to clean your coffee machine (in case you're like me and long avoided this task😉)!!☕️ Plus, a few maintenance tips and tricks, that I will be personally enforcing to prevent it from getting so nasty again!!🫣


Step-By-Step Cleaning Guide🧽

Cleaning your coffee machine genuinely does not take too long and is very simple!! Just follow the steps below and your machine will be shiney, and your coffee fresh, in no time!!🤩

1.Remove the water tank and fill it with soap (I use Dawn Dish Soap) and warm water. Swish it around a bit and then set it aside to soak!!🧼💧


2. Then, fill a large bowl with warm water and soap.🥣 Take off any smaller parts like the Keurig cup holder or anything else that can be removed! Drop them in the bowl to soak seperately!!💧


3. Spray a microfiber cloth with some multi-purpose cleaner! Use it to wipe down all of the exterior!🧼 I like to take a Q-Tip and dip it in vinegar to clean all the small crevices and hard to reach areas!🤏 (There is SO much gunk hiding in there🤢)


4. Don't forget to wipe the K-Cup interior area!! Use a microfiber towel, Q-Tip and/or small scrub brush to get all the coffee remnants in the deep corners!☕️ You'll be shocked by how much is hiding in there🫣


5. Now that the machine is clean, go ahead and scrub all the parts you removed (the water tank & smaller parts) until all that gunk is off of them!!!🧼 Let them air dry!💨


6. Once they're ready, return them to the machine!⏎


7. Now, fill the tank with 3 parts distilled white vinegar and 1 part water!!💧 Run the cycle on repeat until all the vinegar and water mix is gone! (Don't worry, your coffee shouldn't taste like vinegar!!🥴)


8. After the tank is empty of the vinegar/water solution. Go ahead and refill the tank with just water, and run it again until empty!!🫙You can rinse a few times if you'd like to ensure it is all fully washed out!!🤩


And then you're all done!!🥳 Your machine should be looking nice and clean without any gross coffee remnants. Your coffee should taste better and fresher now, too! Woo!!🥰


Maintenance Tips🛠️

The most important part in taking care of your coffee machine is maintenance!! Here are a few tips to ensure your machine stays running efficiently for as long as possible!🤩

Regular Cleaning

After each use, or at least weekly, consider rinsing the brew basket and tank with warm, soapy water!!💧 This will prevent the coffee oils from creating build up and rinse out any leftover remnants that may be affecting the taste of your coffee!☕️



Mineral deposits can accumulate in your machine over time, potentially damaging the machine and preventing it from running efficiently.🫤 If you don't have time for a full clean, consider just descaling it weekly or so.🗓️ Descaling your machine is just Step 7 of our step-by-step cleaning guide above!!👆 - Fill the tank with vinegar and water and run the cycle until its empty! 🫙


Replace Filters

Some coffee machines have water filters!!💧These should be replaced routinely to ensure your coffee is brewed cleanly, with fresh-tasting water!!

If you are unsure if yours does or not, check the manufacturers instructions! You can find them online, if you tossed out those pages of paper awhile ago😉 Just type in the make and model of the machine and you should be able to find everything you need about it!🖥️


Check Seals and Gaskets

Make sure you are regularly checking the seals and gaskets on your machine!! These can get worn down or damaged without you even noticing if you aren't looking🧐 Replace them as soon as you notice something amiss to prevent further leaks and maintain the efficiency of the machine!🛠️


Run a Cleaning Cycle

Many machines actually have their own cleaning cycle feature that helps remove residue and build up!!🫧 These are quick and can save you alot of time in the long run if you use it as the manufacturer reccommends!!🧾


Store Properly

Consider storing your coffee machine in a clean, dry place when it's not in use, to prevent dust and debris from accumulating on it! Also, ensure you are not keeping it by sources of heat as it can damage it!🔥


Now you have no excuses... go clean that coffee machine😉 We hope this guide was easy to follow and informative!!🥰 Let us know in the comments if you have any other questions, concerns, or suggestions!! We are always more than happy to help❤️

Happy Cleaning✨

See you next week!

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