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Leather Perfection: How to Clean and Maintain Leather😍

Leather is one of the hardest things to maintain and keep looking as beautiful as it is! Whether it be a jacket, shoes or your couch, it can be tough to keep it looking as new as possible for as long as possible.😅

Today, we're sharing all our secrets to cleaning and maintaining those leather items in your home! ✨


How To Routinely Clean Leather

1.Dust Removal: Always begin by vacuuming or dusting up any loose dust or debris from the leather surface! Using a hand held vacuum is the easiest, and most efficient option for this. You can also use a duster or a dry soft cloth. Remember to pay special attention all the seams and crevices!🔎

2. Test in an Inconspicuous Area: When you are cleaning ANYTHING, always remember to test the cleaning product in a small, inconspicuous area!🤏 You want to ensure the product won't cause any damage or discoloration before you apply it to the entire item!😅

3.Clean with Warm Water: For actually cleaning the leather, I just use warm water!!💧 I have found that any cleaners, even if it's a gentle cleaner, runs the risk of soaking into the leather and damaging, discoloring, or hardening the leather!👎 So I just take a soft microfiber towel and barely dampen it. I use that to thoroughly wipe down the leather item (couch, jacket, shoes, etc.)!

Note: Avoid rubbing excessively!! A simple wipe will do it! Take your time to avoid damaging the leather.❌

5. Remove Excess Moisture: After cleaning, use a different dry microfiber cloth to remove any excess moisture from the leather, if you notice drips or spills. Then, allow the leather to air dry naturally! You want to avoid using heat sources like hairdryers, as they can cause the leather to crack!!😬

6. Conditioning: After cleaning and FULLY air drying, you can now go in with a leather conditioner. Grab a soft cloth, and lightly spray the conditioner on the cloth (NEVER spray the product or water directly onto the leather ❌), rub in circular motions, working the product into the leather.

I use Weiman Leather Conditioner; however, depending on the leather, you can research and find a specific one for your needs!☺️ Conditioning leather helps restore moisture and prevent drying or cracking!! You only need to condition the leather every other time you clean it (assuming you are cleaning the leather the recommended amount: about every week!🗓️). And always follow the manufacterurs instructions to make sure you are using the product correctly‼️


How To Maintain Leather

Sunlight Protection

Protect leather from direct sunlight to prevent fading and drying.☀️ Use UV-blocking treatments like the Weiman Leather Conditioner I previously mentioned! It has a UV-sunscreen in it to help protect it🧴 Or simply keep your leather items in shaded areas! If you have a leather couch, try to strategically place it where it will not be getting direct sunlight 24/7!❌

Proper Storage

Temperature control is very important when storing your leather items! Try to keep them in cool, dark places and avoid exposing them to direct heat sources!🔥 It is also recommended to use a breathable dust cover to keep your item in optimal condition!🤩

Avoid Overloading

Leather couches are especially prone to creasing and distortion.🛋️ Try to prevent prolonged excessive weight or pressure to help keep it looking beautiful! Obviously, sitting on it is fine, but try not to rest heavy objects on it to avoid creasing it😬

Professional Cleaning

Consider investing in professional cleaning and restoration every once in a while for valuable or heavily used leather items! This routine maintenance can help prolong the life of the leather for years!!🎊 Additionally, if you have old antiques, a professional cleaning can help restore items!🤩


Maintenance and routine cleaning is crucial to keep your leather items looking beautiful!! If you have any additional questions or tips please drop them in the comment section below!⬇️ We are happy to help!🥰

Happy Cleaning!✨

See you next week!

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