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Mastering Laundry Day: Tips for Efficient Clothes Care🧺

Let's be honest, laundry is a pain in the ....😅 You always say you're going to start a load and then the next thing you know the hamper is overflowing and you're doing loads and loads of laundry all weekend. And don't even get me started on the folding....🙄

I hear you. I've been there. Let me help you!!✨

Today, I'm breaking down some of my best tips and advice for keeping on top of that laundry and making it as pleasant as doing laundry could possibly be!😉


Laundry Tips and Reminders!🥳

Sort Before You Start

With newer and more modern laundry machines and detergent, it isn't as impertinent to separate your laundry. However, it does still have its advantages!😌 Separating your laundry can help preserve fabric quality and prevent color bleeding. Some fabrics also require them to be washed with various temperature needs!🌡️

This laundry basket allows you to separate laundry right as you throw it in the bin! You don't have to go through everything on laundry day and pull apart colors from whites. It saves so much time in the long run! 🤩

Read Care Labels

Always read care labels on clothes so you know exactly how to wash each item!🧼 Each of the symbols mean a different thing. It may not always be crucial for you to wash each item exactly as it is intended, but definitely be sure to read the labels for those items that were pricey or you want to preserve for years to come!!🥳

Refer to the picture to see exactly what each symbol means in terms of washing. It may be confusing as first, but with practice you will have them down in no time😉!! Click here to buy that poster for yourself so you can hang it up right in your laundry room so you never forget or have to waste time looking up different symbols!!⏱️

Pre-Treat Stains

Always remember to address stains before you wash them... better yet, as soon as they happen!! Stains will be removed most effectively the quicker you treat them.🫗 Miss Mouth's Messy Eater Stain Treater Spray is a great option for removing stains from clothes, carpet, upholstery, and shoes!👟

If you wash an item without treating the stain first, it can actually cause the stain to further set😮 It can also cause the stain, if it's ink or dye, to transfer on to more clothing and spread.

Use a Mesh Bag for Delicates

Using a mesh bag to wash you delicates keeps them from getting stretched out, tangled, or snagged! Delicates can also be very sensitive to friction and abrasion. When they're in a mesh bag, they rub against the mesh instead of all the other clothing and fabrics👖

This 3-Pack Mesh Laundry Bag is a great, cheap option so you can always be sure to keep your delicates beautiful and protected!👙 And, when they are done being washed, it makes them easy to sort and put away rather than digging through everything and wasting time!!😉

Measure Detergent Carefully

Excess detergent can lead to built up soap residue on your clothes and linens!! This residue can trap dirt and bacteria and make it harder to get items cleans and potentially cause foul odors. It can also lead to stiff clothes and skin irritations!🥴 Additionally, it can actually reduce machine life span because it causes excess strains on the appliance and the buildup can lead to premature wear and tear!😮

Always follow the recommended amount on each detergent that you get and make sure to read all the instructions to prevent from ruining your clothing!😊

Dry Smarter

Remember to use dryer balls to help speed up the drying process and reduce static!! They can also help break down stiff clothes, soften your fabrics and reduce wrinkles so there's no need to iron after🤩

Dryer balls are a much more cost-effective and eco-friendlier than dryer sheets. Dryer sheets can only be used once and let's be honest, those things aren't cheap!💵 People may have adverse reactions and sensitivities to the chemicals in dryer sheets, but dryer balls are typically hypoallergenic and free from all those chemicals!🧪

Empty the Lint Trap

It is critical that you clean out your dryer's lint trap after every load to reduce the risk of a fire!!🔥 Lint is highly flammable and when it accumulates in the lint trap it can become a huge fire hazard. Not to mention, clogged lint can actually cause a dryer to overheat!!🥵

But while that's a huge reason, a clogged lint trap can also cause damage to your clothing, the longevity and efficiency of your dryer and can trap harmful allergens and dander that you may be breathing in!!🤧

Remember to always completely remove the lint trap and clean it efficiently. This Dryer Lint Brush is also a great tool to have to clean the lint trap and any other small crevices all around the dryer!🤩

Store Seasonal Items

With the change in season, this is your reminder to rotate those seasonal clothes in your wardrobe!🧣 Store those off-season clothes in airtight containers or vacuum-sealed bags, label them and throw in a closet or the garage to save space and keep them fresh!!

This saves time by not having to dig through out-of-season clothing when you are looking for something to wear, and it reduces the clutter and disorganization in your closet!!🥰 It also allows you to periodically reassess the clothing you truly want and donate those that you have moved on from!


Making Laundry "Fun"😉

Laundry Challenges

If you are competitive, or enjoy turning things into a game, like me... try doing it with your laundry!! You can have your kids join in and see "Who can sort their pile of laundry fastest?" OR "Who can fold all of their clothes first?"⏰. Or you can just race against yourself... "Can I sort all of this laundry and throw it in the washer before this commercial is over?".😉 This can turn laundry into less of a chore and more of a challenge!

Watch/Listen To Something

Listen or watch something while you fold!! Whatever your current favorite TV show or movie is, turn it on!📺 Or if you love podcasts, turn on the latest episode... or if you're reading a good book, turn on the audiobook and listen while you fold!!! This makes folding the laundry FLY by, and before you know it, you're completely done and it didn't even feel like a chore!🤩

Treat Yourself

Even the easiest, most mundane daily tasks can sometimes feel like a giant obstacle you have to overcome.. trust me, I've been there!!!😅 Don't feel bad for treating yourself after you accomplish a week's load of laundry, you deserve it!! Go get yourself your hard earned coffee or a little treat!!🍫 But it also doesn't have to cost money. Allow yourself to take a break and read a couple chapters of your favorite book or scroll on Social Media for 30 minutes! When you're doing the laundry, just keep reminding yourself of that treat you promised yourself after!😉

Laundry Day Ritual

Make laundry day a ritual on a specific set day. Make it an event that you have to attend every single week (or multiple times a week!). Find a day and a time that will work for you consistently and make it happen! Brew yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee, light a scented candle to create a cozy atmosphere and get to it!🧺 You won't always be silently nagging yourself to do it, because you will already have a set timeline that you sit down, make yourself comfy and knock it all out!🥊


Laundry Hacks🤩

Vinegar for Odor Removal

Add about a 1/2 cup of distilled white vinegar to the rinse cycle to remove strong odors from clothing!! This works well for any gym clothes or musty-smelling garments. ALSO, it makes your clothes a lot softer and works better than chemically loaded fabric softeners!!😍I've been doing this for years, and my clothes never come out of the wash smelling like vinegar!!

Ice Cube Wrinkle Release

If your clothes are wrinkled and you are short on time, just throw the articles of clothing in the dryer on low heat with a few ice cubes and it will de-wrinkle it without having to iron or complete rewash!!🧊 OR if you don't want to hear an ice cube being tossed around in your dryer than you can just spritz the shirt with water before you throw it in and it will have the same effect!!

Glove Lint Removal

If you don't have a lint roller, rubber gloves are actually a great substitute!! I have found that it can even work better if you have pets with long, fine fur!🐕 Just rub the fabric with the glove and it will pick all the fur up easily! This can work for clothing, linens or couches and other upholstery as well!!😮 Who knew??!

Shoe Drying

I know you have tried to throw your wet shoes in the dryer real quick to dry them off, but had to deal with the thunderous noise they make getting tossed around😅 To avoid this, put your shoes in the dryer and close the laces in the door so they are anchored!! This will quiet the noise they make as they get dried!!👟

Toss In The Detergent Cup

If you use liquid laundry detergent with those little measuring cups, then this is for you!! You can just toss that little cup into the load of laundry with the detergent. The washer will clean it out for you so it's ready for your next load!🤯 The cup will not be damaged and it saves you the task of rinsing out the cup every time you use it!


I know laundry is definitely not the most enjoyable task in the world, but I hope this blog helped you learn something new and how to make it slightly less unbearable😉 Let us know in the comments if you learned anything new or you have any fun laundry hacks we missed!!😍

Happy Cleaning!✨

See you next week!

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