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Microfiber Magic: A Simple Guide to the Only Towel You Need

Are you tired of having to use dozens of paper towels to clean up spills? Or having streak marks on your windows and mirrors? 🤔 Or dusting only to feel like you are just spreading the dirt around?

Microfiber towels are the one step solution to all of these common cleaning frustrations + many others as well! In this post, we will be talking all things microfiber: the benefits of them, the best ways to use them, how to clean them to maximize their use, and even our favorite ones + where to purchase them. ✨

Benefits of Using and Investing in Microfiber

  • Microfiber towels are extremely absorbent. They hold up to 3 times more fluid than a regular cotton towel while being much more lightweight! 🪶

  • The fibers in these towels are less abrasive than cotton towels. This means they can be used for cleaning more delicate surfaces without inflicting scratches or damage.

  • As we will talk about in the next section, these towels are VERY versatile! They are the one-step product that can be used to clean any surface in your house and car! 🚗

  • Microfiber towels are also extremely durable! In this post we talk about how to clean them to be reused over and over again, making them much more cost-effective and eco-friendly than traditional paper towels that must be disposed of after a single use. ♻️


Ways to Use Microfiber (That You May Never Have Thought Of)

Dusting: The best (and easiest!) technique for dusting anything is to use a spray bottle to slightly dampen your microfiber cloth or duster and move in an "S" formation to gather the most dust. This locks the dirt into the fibers of the towel instead of pushing it onto the ground or flinging it in the air you are breathing like most regular dusters do. Here is video demonstrating this technique in order to dust in the most efficient way!

Glass Cleaning: Microfiber is perfect for cleaning any type of glass appliances, windows, or mirrors because they leave a streak free finish! In order to really optimize results, take a lint-free microfiber towel and use with glass cleaner as you would with any other regular towel or paper towel. And remember to go over it with a dry microfiber cloth afterwards!!

Mopping: Many people think of these towels as just good for handheld use, but another great way you can use them are for mopping!If you have laminate or hardwood floors, microfiber towels are actually the BEST option for them since they are so easily scratch-able. You can buy microfiber mops that are great to use on these floors; however, you can also use a Swiffer and simply attach a regular microfiber cloth to it and it works wonders as well! Here is another quick video to demonstrate how this is done if you're more of a visual learner! :)

Car - Interior and Exterior: Just like with laminate/hardwood floors, your car has a very delicate, easily scratchable surface. By immersing your microfiber cloth in water and a little cleaning solution until it is wet, but not dripping, you can deep clean both interior and exterior without fear of damaging it! The best way to clean is by working from top to bottom. Remember to occasionally rewet your towel to remove any dirt and debri it has accumulated. After you have finished, you can also use a new microfiber towel to dry it by gently wiping or patting the surface for a streak free finish. Microfiber towels can be used to thoroughly wash and detail any part of your car!


How to Clean Microfiber

Microfiber towels need to be cleaned in a certain way so you can get the best use possible out of them! Here are the basic steps to ensure you get the full lifespan of your microfiber:

  1. Only wash microfiber with microfiber! Do not throw it in a wash with any other towels, linens or fabrics. Doing so can ruin your microfiber towels by abrading the fibers and leaving lint, dust and hair on them.

  2. Only wash with a mild laundry detergent. Do not wash microfiber towels with bleach, fabric softener, or dryer sheets! All of these will erode and clump the fibers overtime, reducing its cleaning power!

  3. Wash with cool or cold water on a delicate cycle. Hot water will also hurt and break down the fibers in these towels!

  4. Finally, hang dry or pop in dryer on low to no heat only! Like with hot water, a hot dryer will damage the fibers that make microfiber so absorbent and useful!


My Favorites

Microfiber Mop - At $22.99, this is our favorite microfiber specific mop to use, especially for laminate or hardwood floors as detailed in the "Mopping" section!

Microfiber Cloths - These are the best cloth/towels for any other cleaning needs that we outlined; glass, car, etc. For only $17.75, you can pick your favorite color and get TWELVE of these cloths!(Remember, they can be reused over and over again for years if maintained correctly!)

Microfiber Duster - This the specific microfiber duster that we recommend for all your dusting needs! It is only $11.99 and it works on any surface and is small/slim enough to fit pretty much anywhere you need for those hard to reach surfaces!

Lint Free Glass Cleaning Cloths - At $14.99, these are the best for cleaning glass, windows, mirrors and more without fuzz left behind!

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See you next week!


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