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Packing with Precision: Stay Organized on the Go ✈️

If you're like me, you ALWAYS forget at least one thing. That's why we're here to take some of that anxiety off you by making a list of everything you need and how to pack in the most organized, efficient manner possible! (You're welcome😉)

In this post, you will find a basic packing list and the most convenient organizer's for everything you need, including; toiletry bags, jewelry organizers, shoe holders, etc. all linked below.✨



Bottoms - Jeans, Skirts, Slacks, Shorts

Shirts - Blouses, Long/Short sleeve (try to mainly include shirts that are easy to layer!)

Jackets/Sweaters - You only need a couple versatile ones to layer over the various shirts you brought to get the most use/outfits out of them!

Swimwear (if applicable)

Undergarments /Socks (always bring extra!)

Pajamas/Comfy Loungewear (workout clothes too, if you are an athletic traveler!

Belts & Accessories (sunglasses, jewelry, etc!)

These are the best packing

organizers for all your clothes + more!!

Get yours here 🤩

Shoes - You only need a couple versatile ones that are easy to walk in! Try to bring ones that match with the most amount of outfits you are bringing. I stick to ensuring every pair I bring goes with at least 2-3 outfits (otherwise they are NOT coming!). And one nice pair if/for any special occasions you may be having!

This shoe holder is perfect for trips and keeping them from dirtying your clothes in your luggage! 👠

Hats - This clip is super cute and convenient for keeping your hats from getting wrinkled and folded while transporting!



Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Hairbrush or Comb

Hair Ties, Clips + Any Other Accessories

Shampoo and Conditioner (in travel-sized bottles)

Body Wash or Soap


Skincare Products (moisturizer, sunscreen, etc.)

Razor and Shaving Cream

Personal Hygiene Products (tampons, pads, etc.)

Click here to get our favorite toiletry bag shown in the picture!

It's a must have to organize all the above products!😋

Makeup and Cosmetics - This is the best makeup bag to stay stress-free and organized on the road!

(Also perfect for these adorable hair clips 🥰)



Travel-sized Laundry Detergent and Dirty Laundry Bag🧺

Phone/Electronic Accessories - This bag is perfect to hold any and all of your camera, phone, laptop, etc. accessories!📱

Prescription Medication - We also have a great pill box that can hold multiple medications and folds up perfectly for travel! Don't forget to pack Advil and other medications you might need!

Reusable Water Bottle - Linked is the best reusable water bottle that is also collapsible! Meaning it fits PERFECTLY into your purse, backpack or clips on to loop in your jeans!

Travel-Sized Umbrella (if needed) ☂️

Travel documents (ID, passport, boarding pass)

First-Aid Kit


And remember to keep in mind, packing minimal is the best way to travel! Reduce the hassle of lugging around large suitcases, fumbling to find the ONE thing you actually want, and all the laundry you have to do when you return! 🤢

Keep your clothing to a color theme for easiest packing and offering yourself the most options to mix and match accessories, basic items, jackets and more with your clothing!

Rule of Thumb: Never pack anything that can only be worn once (unless for a special event you are traveling for, like a wedding). Keep it to items that can be rotated and reused, for the lightest and easiest packing. You will thank me later 😉

Check out some of my other tips on "How To Pack Like A Minimalist" in this video!✨


Don't forget to check out our Travel Packing & Organization Series happening on our social media channels from May 22-May 28th of 2023, for all of our packing tips, favorite packing organizers, luggage recommendations and more! ✈️

See you next week!

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