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How to Begin Organizing Your Life: Step 1

Congratulations, you have taken the first step to a more organized and successful life by just reading this post!

Now, you may be wondering, what next?! Well, you should begin to think about what your home (or office) means to you. What is the feeling you want as an overall image of your home? Do you want your home to be a place of calmness? A place to celebrate and gather (#partyon!)? Do you prefer a space that reminds you of a special memory?

Think about this. The feel you want for your home is what will help inspire you in all of your organization and cleaning for the entire home (but don't freak out, we will take it room by room!).

I personally love hosting. I love parties, friends, food and drinks! So my home is really based around the kitchen and living room. Meaning, all my storage is either in other rooms or hidden when in this room. I do not want my guests to see my extra paper towel rolls hiding in the broom closet, or my stinky gym shoes left out on the floor. Therefore, my home is incredibly conducive to storing and reaching for things that are all around guests!

Another point to consider when getting ready to organize your home, is how do YOU use it everyday? Very similar to designing or building your home, consider how you utilize your home everyday and where you go most often, in order to understand WHAT needs to be organized and HOW. If you have never cooked in your life and always order takeout, then you should not spend your time (and money) on fancy spice containers, but rather on a very simple plate and storage solution, including a spot for extra plasticware from your favorite restaurants. This also goes for other parts of your routine. If you come home from work and kick off your shoes in the middle of the door way, drop your bag and bring your mail straight to the kitchen, then DO NOT skip on organizing and creating a system at the front door for your dumping ground, that will no longer stress you out the next morning when you are picking it all up in order to leave! Your home does not just need to look like the fancy organization pictures, but should reflect the people who use the home! I promise, a well maintained and functioning home, is a beautiful one!

I LOVE to relax on the couch with my partner and our Great Dane, Duke. After work, I want to drop my bag, run to kiss them both, and then change into my fluffy robe. I do not want to spend time picking up my belongings, so for me, it was super important that I organized my front entryway AND my living room, for maximum doggo snuggles!! I decided I needed hooks to hang my purse and bag when I arrived home, that were IMMEDIATLY at the front door. I also moved our dog treats right next to where I hang my keys, this way I can grab a snack for my favorite guy (sorry hunny) and make a beeline right for him. Plus a cute dog treat container is right up my alley! I also knew I needed to make my closet super easy to toss my clothes in the hamper and put my shoes away, so that I could hop into that robe and head to the living room.

Since watching TV and playing old video games (#MarioKart) together is one of our favorite things, I ensured I organized my TV console so that all of our game consoles are facing outward, the cords are all labeled and hanging out the back to be able to switch the plugs in the TV for each one quickly, and all of the games are lined up in alphabetical order by game system. This allows for us to enjoy our games, instead of worry about what a huge mess we have made at the end of the evening.

You can do this. It is all just one step at a time. Think about what you want your home to look like, what you want it to feel like, and what you NEED in your home that would make your life better and easier. That is step 1! Then, I promise, we will get to the good part (BINS!) in the next steps!


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