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Tips For Keeping Laundry Under Control🧺

I know the idea of doing laundry makes people immediately be filled with dread.... but it doesn't have to be this way!!🥰

Laundry doesn't feel as much of a chore for me since I have implemented a few tips and tricks!! So it's time I finally share my "secret" advice so you can avoid the dreaded Sunday afternoon laundry marathon.😉


Use a Divided Hamper

Avoid wasting time and energy sorting clothes from a single dirty laundry bin!❌

Instead, get a divided hamper to keep clothes separated by color or load type. When one section is full, simply grab the bag out or roll it to the laundry room and dump the whole bag in the washer.🫧

This method saves you time and makes laundry feel more manageable. You'll feel like you never have too much laundry to do again!🥰


Do One Load a Day

Breaking down laundry into smaller, daily tasks can significantly reduce the stress of doing it all at once once a week (or once every few weeks😅).

I know it might seem like a big ask to do a load of laundry a day, but I promise it will end up feeling more managable when you do those smaller loads!!!🤞 You won't have to sit there folding for a long time or have a huge daunting pile of clothes on your bed... it will just be throwing a few tshirts and pants in their proper place, which should only take a few minutes!⏲️

Not to mention, it will ensure your clothes are getting fully cleaned and not doing any damage to the washer or dryer when you do these smaller loads‼️


Fold Clothes Immediately

Instead of waiting and letting clothes become wrinkled, fold them immediately after drying.💨 You can even fold the clothes AS you pull them out of the dryer (this is when smaller loads come in handy), so you don't set them down and get distracted or lose motivation to fold them😅

This simple step keeps wrinkles at bay and reduces the stress of facing a large pile of clothes that need to be folded and put away all at once.😖 It’s a small habit that can make a big difference in keeping your laundry routine efficient!!


Hang Clothes Right Away

Using the same concept as above, but for clothes that require hangers....

Hang those clothes immediately‼️ Keep some hangers directly in your laundry room so you can hang up items as soon as they come out of the dryer, instead of dumping them in a basket where they will become wrinkled👎

If you don't have anywhere to store hangers or hang up your clothes in the laundry room, you can make storage!!🤩 This wall mounted dryer rack can be assembled anywhere and can retract against the wall when not in use!


Use Separate Baskets for Each Person

Instead of putting all the laundry into one basket and having to sort it later, keep separate baskets for each person in your household.👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

This way, you can simply drop the basket off in their room, and they can put away their clothes in the correct locations!📍 This method streamlines the process, helps everyone take responsibility for their own laundry and help around the house!!🏠


We hope these tips help you feel a little less dread and a little more confidence for tackling laundry day!!🧺 Remember, doing a little bit at a time, more frequently will help you feel more in control over your surroundings and home management!🥰

Let us know in the comments if you have any laundry day tips that help you!!👇

Happy Laundering!✨

See you next week!

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