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Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas💝

Wow. How is Valentine's Day already right around the corner??🤯 If it snuck up on your as fast as it snuck up on us, then you probably haven't even considered Valentine's Day gifts!😅

Never fear!! We are here to help!🤩 We put together a whole list of cute, unique Valentine's Day gift ideas for that special someone in your life!💝 You will find many different gift ideas for "her"... AND for "him" because guys deserve a little love on Valentine's Day, too!😉

We linked all the items so you can go directly to whichever gifts pique your interest, and get it purchased and delivered in time for Valentine's Day!🥰

This list is in no particular order! Make sure you scroll all the way through it so you don't miss a thing!!💗


Silk Pillow Case🛏️

I have recently come to enjoy the benefits of silk pillow cases!! These are the perfect little Valentine's gift to get your partner. They are so soft, great for your skin and hair, and look so chic on your bed🤩 They come in all different colors, so you can match them to your bedroom perfectly!!🌈


Portable Projector📺

I didn't realize how much I would LOVE watching movies and TV shows on a projector until I got this one! It is the perfect size and convenient to set up whenever and wherever. It's the perfect gift that can be used immediately on your Valentine's Day date night for a cozy, fun evening!🥰


Wine Glasses🍷

You can never go wrong with a new, beautiful set of wine glasses!!🍷 I got these recently and they are gorgeous and very durable!! Pair them with your partner's favorite wine and you've got yourself a nice, little Valentine's date night🥰


Book Vase📚

If your significant other is a book lover, you can't go wrong this this ADORABLE book vase!!! It fits perfectly on my book shelf, or it could be used as a centerpiece on your table!!🏺 Any way you use it, it will add a beautiful look to your home. OH, and don't forget their favorite flowers to fill it, of course!😉💐


Shower Steamers🚿

We all love a good, hot shower after a long day. If you want to help up your loved one's showers, these steamers are the perfect addition!!🥰 Just place them on the floor of your shower and they will release a lovely aroma to help you relax, lift your mood, and sleep better💤


Bathtub Tray🛁

If your significant other is a bath lover, this tray is a MUST-HAVE!!🤩 It has a spot to hold your wine without worrying about it falling over. A spot for snacks or other items. AND a spot to hold up a phone or tablet so you can read or watch something while relaxing in the bath🥰


Tech Charging Station🔌

If they are an Apple user fanatic, and have a watch and/or Airpods, this charging station charges all of them at the SAME time!⚡️ It is perfect to put on your bedside table to keep all your electronics ready to go for morning (without the hassle of all the cords and untidiness🤩).


Book Reading Light💡

This reading light is my FAVORITE.📚 It fits comfortably around your neck so you don't have to deal with the hassle of clipping it on your book and adding weight to it or throwing it off balance. You can adjust the light settings and the brightness for the perfect reading ambiance💡


Matching Sweats Set💗

Every girl loves a good, comfy matching set to lounge around in or run quick errands!!😉 This set on Amazon has been my favorite! It comes in many different colors so you can get a cute pink set for to make them Valentine's Day themed, if you want! She will adore these and never want to take it off!!😍


Jewelry Holder💎

If you have gotten your significant other jewelry for the past few occasions, but she has no where to store all of it, this is your next purchase!💸 This hanging jewelry holder is my favorite! It is sleek and comes with many compartments and hooks to hang ALL of my jewelry, so my necklaces don't get tangled and my earrings don't get lost!💍


Watch Box Organizer⌚️

Speaking of jewelry, men, we didn't forget about you!😉 This watch box organizer is perfect for him to display all his watches! It also comes with compartments for his nice sunglasses (so they don't get scratched in a drawer) and for rings, bracelets and necklaces as well!🤩


Towel/Blanket Warmer🥰

I never realized how useful this towel/blanket warmer could be until I tried it!!🤩 With the cold weather in full bloom, this is the PERFECT gift for anyone who loves to curl up with a good blanket in the evenings. I also use it for my towels so they are warm and cozy right as I get out of the shower!🚿


Coffee Heat Pad☕️

If your significant other works a desk job, and often gets so wrapped up in their work that they forget to drink their coffee while it's hot, and then proceeds to reheat if 3 times until they're done.... This is the gift for them😂 It gives them a coaster to set their coffee on while simultaneously keeping it warm!☕️


Chunky Knit Blanket🥰

You can never have too many blankets!!😉 This chunky knit blanket is one of my absolute favorites!! It's so warm and soft and perfect to curl up with at the end of a long day!! Plus, it comes in many different colors so you can find the perfect one to hang on the back of your couch for a cute, cozy aesthetic when not in use!🤩


Shoulder/Neck Massager💆‍♀️

This shoulder/neck massager has been a GAME-CHANGER!!✅ It fits comfortably on my shoulders for a relaxing, yet thorough massage whenever I am watching a movie, reading or even sitting at my desk working! It even has a heat setting for ultimate comfort😍



And finally, a classic candle. Like blankets, you can NEVER have too many candles!🕯️This specific kind of candle, however, is one of my favorites!! It has a a wood wick that makes the candle "crackle" as it burns, to give you the ambiance of a real fireplace!🤯 If you haven't tried these candles out yet, it's a must!! I can never go back to normal candles now because I love it so much!!😆


We hope you find the perfect gift your loved one and have a lovely Valentine's Day!!🥰 For even more ideas, check out our Valentine's Day Gift Ideas List on Amazon to see the full list we compiled!!🤩

Happy Shopping and Happy Valentine's Day!✨💝

See you next week!

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