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6-Week Spring Cleaning Guide: Cleaning Calendar, Tips & Checklists

6-Week Spring Cleaning Guide: Cleaning Calendar, Tips & Checklists

Get ready to tackle your spring cleaning with our NEW comprehensive Spring Cleaning Guide! ðŸŒ·


This 17-page guide includes printable detailed checklists for every room in your house, guiding you in the correct order to ensure no spot is left untouched. 🧹 If you're a visual learner, like our founder, we've got you covered with MANY direct links to our “how-to” videos, cleaning hacks, and specialty home tips. See the task at hand, don't just read about it! 📹


Spring Cleaning can often feel daunting and overwhelming, so we've also provided a simple, clickable list of all the products you'll need to get the job done. Stock up on everything you need before you get started, it's that easy! 🧼


But wait, there's more! 😱 Our Spring Cleaning guide isn’t just checklists and cleaning. This edition includes a section with suggestions for areas to declutter, helping you create a more organized and serene living space overall. 🏡


Take the guesswork out of when you should be doing these tasks. We've created a 6-week, pre-filled calendar for you, making it simple to schedule your cleaning tasks around your day. Prefer to customize your own calendar? We've got you covered with a blank one too! 🗓️


BONUS: The 2024 Spring Cleaning Guide comes with an exclusive bonus gift of 20+ professional cleaning tips and cleaning hacks that will help you achieve a sparkling home in no time. ✨


What's Included:

  • Huge checklists for every single room ✅
  • Shopping list for all cleaning products & tools used (+clickable links ðŸ”—) 🛒
  • Decluttering suggestions & a starting guide 📦
  • A pre-filled 6-week cleaning calendar + a blank one to customize yourself 📆
  • 20 of our favorite, and most useful, pro tips and cleaning hacks 🧼
  • Links to how-to videos, cleaning tips, hacks, and more 🎥


Click the "add to cart" button, to get your copy TODAY! 🛍️


Happy Spring Cleaning! ✨


(Digitial download only, due to the nature of digital downlaods, we cannot offer refunds on this purchase.)

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