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10 Essential Cleaning Tools Every Home Should Have🫧

Do you want to start investing in nicer cleaning supplies to ease your cleaning process but don't know what to get or what's even worth it?? We got you!!😉

In this blog, we will be talking about our top 10 cleaning tools you need to fully deep clean your home as efficiently and easily as possible!🤩

All products are linked in the title and pictures, as well, if you want to go check out the specific ones we recommend!🥰


A cleaning caddy is a must when starting your cleaning journey. It is so convenient to be able to keep all your basics in one bag that you can carry from room to room. It helps ensure you aren't running around from room to room looking for different products, wasting time and getting distracted. My favorite is actually advertised as a diaper bag, but I love it because it has so many pockets, it's adorable and it's easy to carry around!😍


Gloves make the cleaning process so much easier (and personally, more enjoyable) because you can clean more effectively and efficiently without the fear of hurting your hands from chemicals (or touching anything gross😅). My personal favorite are these pink ones as they are durable, great quality and are designed to keep water from dripping down your arms or under your gloves (and they're cute!!)!!🧤


If you have followed along on my journey for any amount of time, you know how much I vouch for microfiber cloths!! They are my holy grails of cleaning. They are so versatile - I use them all over my home and car for everything! They are great for dusting, mopping, wiping, drying, etc.! Plus, they are reusable for years and years. We talk all about the benefits and uses of microfiber cloths in this blog, if you want to learn more!✨


Scrub Brush Set

A good scrub brush set is essential in your cleaning routine. The Libman Scrub Brush Kit are my go to brushes for the kitchen, bathroom, etc. for any stains or grime that needs a tough scrubbing. They come in a pack of three various sizes for versatility! Keep in mind, these are a tougher scrub brush set so they are not to be used on delicate things that could be scratched or damaged!🩹

For a softer scrub brush set, I use these this pink 3 piece set! They also come in different sizes and very versatile. I use these especially for places like faucets, sinks, appliances, dishes, etc. so as not to scratch or damage them!💗


This steamer is must have for cleaning your home naturally and effectively. It comes with 11 attachments to clean anywhere and everywhere! It is all natural with no chemicals so it's safe for you are your pets🐶. One of the attachments its a small skinny nozzle that is perfect for cleaning out gunk in tight spaces like the window sills or grout! It can also be used to clean windows, couches (or any other upholstery furniture), cars, showers, and more!!


If I could pick one all around great vacuum to have, it would be this one!! The effectiveness of it and ease of use make this one of my top favorite vacuums of all time. It is light weight and works great for homes that have to deal with a lot of pet fur. It is also detachable to make it handheld to vacuum upholstery and other areas off the floor!🤩


This mop has gone viral multiple times, and for good reason!! The spin feature of this mop allows for a lot of control on how much water and solution is being used when mopping the floor (which creates a much better clean!). The mop heads are washable and reusable. And this mop is not only great for the floor, it can be used for baseboards, wall, banisters, etc.!🪣


While brushes are great, it is also essential to have versatile sponges! The Scrub Mommy Sponges are my favorite because they have a soft side for everyday use and a tougher side for more stuck on grime all in one sponge. Sponges are great for all around kitchen and bathroom use for countertops, sinks, tubs, faucets, dishes, etc.! 🧽


This carpet rake works wonders on getting out the fur and dirt deep within carpet fibers. If you think your vacuum got everything up, check again with this rake and I guarantee it will help you get up more! This is especially helpful if you live in a pet friendly home and struggle with keeping your carpet nice looking with all the fur! It also can double as a squeegee for your porch, garage or patio when you might want to wash or hose them off!!💧


This extendable scrub brush is a game changer for cleaning my shower walls and tub. It allows you to scrub everything down without having to kneel or squat in the shower awkwardly. It is designed to be able to fit into corners easily and efficiently. A great buy for more ease of comfort cleaning awkward areas like the tub! 🛁


BONUS: Robot Wet Dry Vacuum

I know these are super pricey, but investing in a robot vacuum is life changing if you can afford it!! It cuts your cleaning time and tasks in half and keeps your home looking and feeling 2x as clean! With the push of a button, it can constantly be cleaning your floors without you having to even think about it but every once in a while to clean/refill/fix the base. This is especially a game changer for those with pets as we all know the struggle of vacuuming every day to try to keep up with all the pet fur! 🐶😅 We recommend the Dreametech L10s Ultra as it mops and vacuums simultaneously and cleans/refills its tank for up to 60 days of you not having to touch it!!🤩


Finding quality cleaning products is crucial to making your cleaning journey easier and more enjoyable. We hope this helped you get an idea on how to started on your cleaning collection!! Happy cleaning!✨

See you next week!

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