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10 Game-Changing Hacks To Elevate Your Cleaning Game🤯

Everyone loves a good cleaning "hack" to help speed up, make more fun, or simplify their cleaning routine, right?😅 Over the years I've picked up a few good tips and tricks that I've incorporated into my everyday cleaning routine!

After incorporating these game-changing cleaning hacks, you won't believe you were ever able to live without them!😉


Dust On Top Of Cabinets📰

Are your kitchen cabinets designed where they leave that foot of space between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling? So FRUSTRATING (like didn't the builder know I needed more storage 🙄). It's exhausting and frustrating always having to clean that specific spot so often because dust collects so fast.😫

Try this efficient and quick trick: lay strips of paper towel or newspaper on the top of your cabinets to collect the dust. When they get dirty, simply roll them up and replace!📰

No more dealing with the hassle of dusting and flinging dust around, dirtying your kitchen and air. 🤩


Shining your Silverware🍴

Have you ever wondered, "how do I get my cutlery to shine like it used to?".🤔 Simply cleaning them doesn't quite do the trick after years of build up and you don't want your dinner guests using cloudy, dull looking forks and knives! 🍴

Don't waste your money on expensive polishing products or anything of the like💸. Just fold up a small piece of aluminum foil, throw it in the cutlery holder inside the dishwasher, and let it run it course like normal! Your cutlery will coming out looking shiny and newly polished!✨


Seasoning Double🧂

Have you ever noticed how seasoning jars are just SO inefficient to use?🧂You have to shake, and shake, and shake to get the proper amount of seasoning on your chicken🤦‍♀️

But did you know, the little ridges at the bottom of a seasoning jar aren't just for show! You can actually use them to season your food more effectively🤯 Here's how:

Take the seasoning jar you want to use, and flip it upside down. Line up another spice jar on top of it so the ridges are together. Then grind them against each other in a circular motion and the seasoning will come out double the amount!!🤩 I know it sounds crazy but just go give it a try, and thank me later!!😉

Refer to the video to see exactly how to do it!!⬇️


Tin Foil To Dispose Grease🍳

Grease can be a tricky thing to dispose of. You have to let it cool and then scrub it out of the pan, you can't put it down the sink, you have to be careful tossing it in the trash, etc. etc. 🙄

Here's a trick I learned that makes it so simple and easy. Grab some aluminum foil and position it in your sink to create a little "bowl" of sorts. Refer to the picture for reference!⬇️

Pour the still hot grease into the premade "bowl" and let it cool and harden!⏲️ Then simply grab the tin foil, fold it up around the grease, and toss!🚮 It's as easy as that! No mess, no drain clogs, no leaks or spills!🥳


Cleaning Your Fans🧹

I know I'm not the only one that's tried to dust their ceiling fans and ended up getting my entire floor/furniture dirty in the process...😅

There's actually a super easy, no cost trick to fix this!!😉 Grab an old pillowcase that you don't mind getting dirty. Thread a fan blade through the opening of it until the pillowcase is fully covering it. Pull the pillowcase taut around the fan blade and slide it off; taking all the dust and debris with it!! The dust will fall into the pillowcase and not onto your floor!🤩 Repeat on all the fan blades and you've got yourself a clean fan AND a clean floor🥰 Just shake out the pillowcase in a trashcan or outside, and store it away until you need to use it again!


Static Guard Spray Magic🪄

Did you know that static guard spray actually helps slow down dust build up?!🤯 I use it on my blinds, my baseboards, and basically anywhere else that dust tends to cling to. It helps lengthen the amount of time between having to dust these annoying areas!😉 This is the one I use! ⬇️


Dish Wand In The Bathroom🫧

Okay, I KNOW how annoying doing a full bathroom deep clean can be. I mean, that's probably a lot of people's most dreaded house work task😩. So here's a little secret to making it slightly more bearable: do SMALL maintenance tasks everyday to keep it from becoming a huge chore‼️

Keep a dish wand (the one's that you can fill the handle with dish soap) in your bathroom cabinet! Whenever you are done getting ready in the morning, grab the dish wand and do a quick once over in the sink.🧼 It takes about a minute to scrub it down, and rinse it out, but it does wonders in the long run! Additionally, you can use this same method and do a quick scrub in the shower for an easy, quick clean!🚿


No Residue Leaving Labels🏷️

Removing stuck on labels off of books, containers and other items is such a pain! Somehow, there always ends up being residue left on it, or it completely tears in half and your left scrubbing it... it's the worst. 🥲

But I've got a simple trick for you to avoid ALL of this!! Simply blow dry the label, while it is still sealed to your container, on hot for 15 seconds and peel immediately. Work slowly to ensure a flawless finish with no sticky residue!! 😍

For bigger labels, you may need to reheat it multiple times until the entire sticker is off!🏷️


One Zip Loc Bag To Two2️⃣

Make your sandwich baggies last longer by splitting them seamlessly into two little snack baggies!!🥪

Take a kitchen knife and heat it over your stove.🔪 Cut the sandwich bag directly down the middle to make two smaller, snack size bags! The heat of the knife will RESEAL the cut and make them into two separate, fully functional ziploc bags! Don't believe me?😉 See for yourself here in this video demonstration!⬇️


Denture Tablets For Toilets🚽

You don't need any fancy, expensive cleaning supplies to clean that toilet!! Did you know denture tablets are actually just as effective??🚽 I'm serious! They are cheap, and so easy to just toss in! Just let it dissolve and do its magic, then take a toilet scrubber to it and all the gunk and grime will be wiped away flawlessly🤩

Keep in mind, this hack is most effective for toilets that are not severely stained or dirty. But more just for regular maintenance and a quick clean!🧼 Try it out next time you are cleaning your bathroom and embrace the simplicity, easiness, and effectiveness of denture tablets😉


We hope you learned a little something new in this blog!! These are all hacks I use on a daily basis and swear by! Try them out for yourself and let me know how it goes🥰

Let us know in the comments which one you are most excited to try!🤩

Happy Cleaning!✨

See you next week!

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