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Amazon Prime Day Deals For July 11-12 2023 😍

Amazon Prime day is one of our favorite days of the year!! There are so many great deals to get those items you have had on your wishlists all year long. 🤩

Below is a huge organized list we put together of deals for anyone and everyone! Each of the product titles provides a link to take you straight to the product so you can take advantage of these great deals and purchase for yourself!! ✨

We split them up into 9 categories (click on each one to go directly to it!) :


Cleaning Tools

Electric Spin Scrubber (20% Off)- Perfect for washing tile, bathtubs, grout, etc. without the back pain of leaning over and manually scrubbing!

Mr. Siga Microfiber Towels (21% Off)- If you've followed along with us for any amount of time, you'll know we're a huge fan of the versatility of microfiber towels! ☺

O-Cedar Red Spin Mop (21% Off)- These mops are extremely popular right now and for good reason! They are super easy and convenient to use, not just for floors but baseboards, walls, etc.!

Smart Air Purifier (15% Off) - Great compact air purifier that covers large rooms and provides a quiet clean!


Kitchen Gadgets

Automatic Opening/Closing Trashcan (20% Off)- Slim, 2 gallon trash can with an automatic, motion censored lid! Perfect for bedrooms, offices, or bathrooms.

Roll Out Dish Drying Rack (52% Off)- Dish drying rack that lays over kitchen sink and then can be rolled up for easy storage! Heat resistant for pots straight off the stove, but also great for drying fruits and dishes.

Knife Set ($30 Off)- This high carbon, stainless steel knife set comes up built in sharpeners and is dishwasher safe! This is an extremely nice set of knives for a great deal!!

Soda Stream (44% Off) - This is a super cool gadget that can turn regular water into sparking water!! You can then add flavoring for a delicious drink made from scratch!

Set of 8 Silicone Lids (30% Off)- This set comes with 8 silicone lids in all sizes for food storage! Covers cups, bowls, plates, pots, etc. and they are dishwasher safe!

Ninja DZ550 Air Fryer (40% Off) - Air fryers have become a super popular food cooking alternative in the past few years! This one has 6 different settings, two separate baskets to cook multiple things at once, and an integrated smart cook thermometer!



Dreametech L10's Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo (Code "homedreameL" for addtional 5% off) - Cleans your floors efficiently without you ever having to get up or stop whatever other tasks you are doing! Mop and vacuums simultaneously. It will retract the mop head whenever it senses carpets or rugs to ensure they don't get wet!

Tineco S5 Pro 2 Wet Dry Vacuum (Code "Reimawasher" for a free bottle of cleaning solution - add both to cart to receive discount!) - Handy two in one wet/dry vacuum that will vacuum and mop simultaneously! Light weight and very easy and convenient to use.

Tineco Carpet One PRO (Code "ReimaTinCar" for additional 5% off!)- Amazing carpet cleaner that steams and sterilizes your carpet for you! Also comes with attachments that are great to use on stairs or any upholstery as well!

Shark HZ602 Ultralight Pet Pro Corded Stick Vacuum (35% Off)- Great lightweight vacuum that self cleans, converts to a handheld vacuum and perfect for upholstery and dealing with pet hair!

Briggi Mini Handheld Vacuum (40% Off)- The most convenient hand held vacuum to quickly clean up messes or use in tight spaces and upholstery.



Folding Closet Organizers (44% Off)- These come in 4 piece sets! You can stack them, layer them or just line them up (however you find fits best in your closet!!).

Wall Mounted Mop/Broom Organizer (53% Off)- These are the BEST for storing tools in the garage, laundry room cleaning products, extra hangers and so much more! Each one hold 5 slots and 6 hooks to hang up all of your cleaning or yard work tools! Easy installation to situate almost anywhere.

Large Blanket Basket (20% Off)- Adorable basket to hold blankets, toys, etc.! Very durable and light weight but large enough to fit 3 blankets or 5 pillows!!

Clear Plastic Storage Bins (20% Off)- These bins are great for storing cords, accessories, toys, or to organize small craft supplies like bags and yarn!! They have removable dividers so you can set it up to fit your needs.

Makeup Organizer (40% Off)- This stackable makeup organizer is perfect for all your skin car products and cosmetics!!

Workout Storage Shelves (46% Off) - These shelves are perfect for organizing all of your workout gear for your own little at home workout station!!



Amazon Fire 50" TV (36% Off) - Great deal for a great all around TV for our living room or bedroom!

Amazon Blink Security Cameras and Systems (Up To 60% Off) - Here's a whole list of great Blink Security camera deals for any and all of your needs! They have indoor and outdoor surveillance ones + some doorbell cameras as well!!

Fire TV Stick (55% Off) - A great deal if you were needing a new streaming device to hook up to your TV! The Fire Tv Stick is compact and easy to use!

Amazon Music Subscription - Amazon Music has a deal to get 4 months free (instead of 1) right now!! Steam over 100 million songs ad free!

Wireless Mini Bluetooth Speaker (53% Off)- This speaker is tiny but powerful! Extremely portable for traveling or just around your house!



Eyecream Stick (30% Off)- This eye cream is great for hydrating and brightening the under eye area. I personally use this and love it!!

Smart Facial Cleanser (40% Off) - A must -have for your skin care routine! Clears pores and blackheads, + lifts, firms and tones skin!! You can get it multiple different colors as well.

Makeup Brush Holder (42% Off) - This makeup brush holder is great for travel or everyday use. Very slim and compact with a sleek look and a magnet design so they can't fall out!

Under Desk Treadmill (17% Off) - This treadmill is great for if you work from home on a computer all day but want to get more active!! Pair it with a standing desk and you can walk while you work!!

Muscle Massage Gun (68% Off) - This massager is great for deep tissue massages to perform on yourself or someone else! Great for pain relief and relaxation.



Large Travel Backpack and Container (5% Off) - This backpack is flight approved, making it perfect for travel. It has many pockets, a charging port, holds a 17" laptop and comes with two toiletry bags!

Pill Organizer (35% Off) - This pill organizer is compact and can hold many different vitamins, medicines, ointments and bandaids! Clear design so you can see everything without opening each compartment.

Collapsible Water Bottle (20% Off) - This water bottle can extend to a full size water bottle or collapse when you are not using it for easy storage. It also has a clip so you can attach it to any bag or purse!

Miniature Iron/Steamer (17% Off) - This miniature iron/steamer is super cool to pack in your carry on so you can get the wrinkles of your clothes wherever you are! Can be used to flat iron or hang iron!!



Furbo Dog Cam + Treat Dispenser (31% Off) - This doggy cam is super great for if you have to leave your dog home alone a lot! It will follow your dog with its 360 degree motion tracking and has color night vision as well. You can also manually dispense treats to your dogs from miles away.

Fold Up Dog/Kiddie Pool (39% Off)- This kiddie pool is the perfect size for keeping your pets (or kids.. or you!) cool in the summer! It's also collapsible for easy storage.



Baby Food Maker/Processor (41% Off) - This processor is great for pureeing food to make your own natural, organic baby food! It steams, blends, and grinds and can self clean!

Retractable Baby Gate (41% Off) - This retractable baby gate is super user friendly so you can operate with one hand. And provides easy install where you need!

Baby Bassinet Bedside Crib (47% Off) - This crib is great for easy install right next to your bedside and doubles as a pack and play for toddlers as well!!


See you next week!

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Jul 11, 2023
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Love this guide!

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