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Amazon Prime Day Deals: October 10-11, 2023‼️

It's one of our favorite days of the year, Amazon Prime Day!!🥳

Let's just get straight into all the big deals so you can do a little holiday shopping on a budget😉 These are our favorite, and biggest deals of the year all in one place for you convenience! All products will be linked so you can go straight to purchasing!!💳

We split everything up into categories to make viewing exactly what you are on the market, for as easy as possible! Just click to go directly to it!🤩



In this day and age, we have so many different electronic devices, but how do we keep them clean without damaging them?? This kit comes with a bunch of different attachments so you can clean your screens, keyboards, port holes, etc. And it evens comes with a small sanitizing spray!!📱

We all have that BOX of tangled cords that we have no idea what to do with. This is the perfect organizer so you can keep them all tangle free and ready to go whenever you may need! It even comes with wire ties to keep them securely wound up!🔌

If your keyboard and mouse are getting a little old and laggy, this is a great option to improve your computer setup! They are spill resistant and built for comfort if you have to work on your computer for extended periods of time. Plus, the keyboard is tilt adjustable and has easy to read keys!⌨️

These Beats headphones are phenomenal for everyday use, work use, working out, etc. They are extremely comfortable and provide perfect sound + they're noise cancelling as well!! AND they're almost 50% off right now so go snatch them up while you can with this amazing deal!🎧

This portable speaker may not look like much, but it offers amazing sound and is so convenient to carry with you to whatever event you may need!! It's waterproof as well so don't be scared to take it out on the boat or on a camping trip and blast some music!🎶



As a woman, I know how annoying shaving can be. This electrical shaver is a life saver to make shaving so much easier. This shaver will protect your skin while simultaneously getting a fabulous shave on any part of your body! It is also waterproof so you can use it in the shower!🚿

This straightening brush does wonders to your hair!💇‍♀️It straightens your hair in less time than a traditional flat iron and does less heat damage to it! It comes with 5 different temperatures so you can adjust it to your hair! AND it comes with a bag for easy travel🤩

This drying brush is a number one best seller on Amazon! It dries your hair while simultaneously creating volume for a beautiful blowout in minutes. It's great for all types of hair and minimizes heat damage! All around just a great tool to quickly style your hair in the morning before heading to work!💇‍♀

Hair Scrunchies (30% Off)

Everyone needs a good, go-to hair scrunchy!! These satin ones are so soft and silky, and they're great for your hair! Plus, they're super cute and you can get a whole pack for 5 bucks right now!!!😍

If you don't have a waterpik, you NEED one. These are seriously game changers for your hygiene! They are so easy to use once you get the knack of it, and will do wonders for your teeth health! Plus, its so much easier and more satisfying than flossing🥴



Crockpots make family dinners so easy and delicious. This one is great because the lid locks on so you never have to worry about it spilling over or anything if you are taking it to a family gathering!! This one is also big enough to feed a whole family and have some leftovers the next day!🥘

Air fryers are also a great option for making family dinners delicious and easy! This one has 6 different settings to cook your food in different ways, a dual basket option to cook multiple things at once, and is big enough to feed a whole family!🍖

If you are still mixing things manually, you need this! This stand mixer does all the work for you to quickly mix up that delicious batch of cookie dough! It's lightweight, has a big bowl, and will look gorgeous in your kitchen!😉

This cool gadget turns regular water into sparkling water! And then all you have to do is add flavoring for a delicious, refreshing drink! This is a great option for those looking to cut out traditional, sugary sodas or looking to save money in the long run by making their own sparkling waters instead of buying packs every week!🥤

These bamboo drawer dividers are a must have for organizing your drawers! They are adjustable so they can fit in any drawer exactly to your liking! I personally use them for my kitchen utensils but they can be used for any type of drawer organization!!🍴


Cleaning Supplies

The most convenient hand held vacuum to quickly clean up messes or use in tight spaces and upholstery. I use it almost every day to quickly get up dog hair and dirt that collects anywhere and everywhere! PLUS, use code: "homebrigii" for an additional 10% off!!🤩

I know how frustrating dealing with pet hair everyday can be, this tool is a must-have to combat it! It flawlessly removes fur from any upholstery or linens. Plus, it's easy to empty out the hair and reuse again and again! Say goodbye to lint rollers and hello to the Chom Chom🤩🐶

O-Cedar Mop (15% Off)

These mops are extremely popular right now and for good reason! They are super easy and convenient to use, not just for floors but baseboards, walls, etc.! The easy-wring system allows you to easily control how much water is in your mop for optimal cleaning!🥳

This scrubber is perfect for washing tile, bathtubs, grout, the floor etc. without the back pain of leaning over and manually scrubbing! It makes cleaning so much faster and convenient.🧽

This robot vacuum cleans your floors efficiently without you ever having to get up or stop whatever other tasks you are doing! It mops and vacuums simultaneously and it will retract the mop head whenever it senses carpets or rugs to ensure they don't get wet! PLUS, use code "homedreameL1" for additional 5% off !!

*For an entire list of more vacuums that are on sale right now + all the pro's and con's of each, go to our blog The Ultimate Vacuum Buying Guide!*



This basket is perfect for bath toy storage because it has a built in tray to elevate the bin and let all the toys thoroughly dry! The basket has holes built in so you can easily and quickly scoop all the toys up out of the tub without having to hand grab everything!🛁

This tablet is perfectly designed for kids to play games on and watch shows! No need to share your personal tablet with your kid and having to hide and lock anything you would prefer they not look at it. Plus, it links to your phone so you can easily control it, set educational goals, and time limits!🥰

Large Toy Box (20% Off)

This toy box is perfect for holding the many toys your children have! It is cute, stylish and sturdy with a large capacity to hold everything! It also has built in lids so you can quickly close them and store them until next time!🧸

This processor is great for pureeing food to make your own natural, organic baby food! It steams, blends, and grinds and can self clean! No more going to the grocery store for hours and worrying about what could be in the processed baby foods on the aisles!🛒



If you live in a cold area, these rechargeable hand warmers are a must-have! They are small and fit perfectly in your pocket so they are ready to go each morning before going out. No more buying the one use hand warmers and wasting money!💵

This alarm clock slowly brightens in the morning to help wake you up before you alarm goes off!! It also has different light settings, built in natural sounds and an FM radio. This is a great gift for anyone during the holidays!!🌅

Towel Warmer (29% Off)

I know, I know, some people say you can "just use your dryer"... but let me tell you, the convenience of this thing is unmatched!!! I can step right out of the shower to a warm towel waiting for me, or warm up my blankets before a cozy, relaxing evening on the couch! And with the Winter months coming up, I know I will love this towel warmer even more!🥰


For our entire list of ALL our favorite Amazon Prime Day deals, click here! 🤩

And if you don't already have Amazon Prime but want to take advantage of all these awesome deals, we are gifting you a FREE 30-day Amazon Prime trial!

You're welcome and happy shopping!😉

*Prices are subject to change due to availability. Limited stock for many of the items, we cannot guarantee any of these items or deals will be available at time of purchase. Pricing and information shown for US deals above*

See you next week!

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