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The ULTIMATE Vacuum Buying Guide!😱

This Vacuum or That Vacuum??!😅

There are about a thousand vacuums on the market. How do you choose the right one for all your needs and stay in your budget??? I know, this task seems overwhelming and scary!!🫣

This week, going through all of our favorite vacuums and sharing our pros and cons of each so you can find your perfect match! We will be detailing multiple different vacuums so you don't have to surf the internet for hours wasting precious time that you don't have! All of the vacuums will be linked so you can go straight to your favorite one and purchase right away!!✨

To get started, let's segment these out into a few sections. First, let's talk about stick vacuums (cordless & cords), then wet dry vacuums (those fancy mop vacs!)😱

Or you can click each one to go directly there without having to scroll through all of them!!⤵️

Stick Vacuums 🥢

*These are in no particular order, each vacuum has positives and negatives, so find the one that works best for you!*




🚀 Shark Cordless Detect Pro Auto-Empty System ($449.99 USD)

Best For: Lightweight & Easy Carrying Around/Cleaning


  • 💨 Auto-Empty Magic: This bad boy automatically empties and charges while docked, so it's ready to roll for your next cleaning adventure! No more gross manual emptying, hallelujah! 🙌 It holds up to 30-40 days of dust and debris, which is mind-blowing! 🤯Then simply dump out the bagless dock tank at the end of the month.

  • ⏰ Long Live the Battery: With up to 60 minutes of runtime, it's the marathon runner of vacuums! Plus, it's cordless and boasts an easy-to-use battery. 🔋

  • 🕺 Feather-Light Maneuverability: It's as light as a feather and as nimble as a ninja, gliding effortlessly around furniture. Easy to move around, use and carry!

  • 💃 Sleek & Sexy: Who said vacuums can't be stylish? The Shark is drop-dead gorgeous right out of the box and complements any room. 😍 A sleek white with gold accents? Take my money now! 💰

  • 💡 Shine Bright Like a Diamond: It even has a built-in light that brightens up dark corners, making you feel like a vacuum superhero! Easy to spot any debris that may be lurking in the dark corners of any room. 💡

  • 🌀 Suction Sensation: When it senses corners or walls, it cranks up the suction to gobble up every last bit of gunk, reaching debris it's head may not usually reach!

  • 🐾 No Pet Hair Hassles: Worried about pet hair? Fear not! The self-cleaning brush roll keeps it from going all Rapunzel on you, staying tangle free!

  • 🧹 Attachments Galore: It comes with a stick attachment for precision cleaning and a small brush head for tackling smaller spaces like the stairs, couches, windowsills and more!

  • 🧽 All Surfaces Covered: Whether you have carpet or hard floors, it's got your back with its "Dirt Detect" feature, amping up suction on carpets. 💨


  • 📢 Loud & Proud: It's a bit noisy, especially when it's getting down and dirty and sucking up the deep gunk from your floors.

  • 🍽️ Small Tank, Frequent Emptying: The tank isn't massive, so you might have to make a pit stop at the dock more often. But hey, it's a quick pit stop, so it won't hold you up long!

  • 🌊 Dry Mess Cleaning Only: This champ can't handle wet spills or carpet sanitation. Perfect for everyday vacuuming though!

  • 🚧 Battery Hump: The battery pack under the handle can be a bit of a hurdle in tight spots, but just tilt it, and you're good to go! 😉

Check out our review video & see it in action here.


Tineco S15 Pet Vacuum ($499.99)

Best For: Perfect For Pet Lovers & Hard Floors


  • 🦁 Pet Hair Prowess: Specially designed to tackle pet hair without the dreaded tangling, calling it "impossible to tangle". Making this vacuum brush easier to clean and a must-have for fur-tastic households! (Or if you shed a lot 💇‍♀️).

  • 🌟 LED Ring Light: Features a smart LED screen that shows battery life and spots in need of extra TLC (with the color changing ring), making sure no debris escapes your grasp.

  • 🌀 Suction Sensation 2.0: It automatically adjusts suction power based on the dirt and soil level, ensuring maximum efficiency.

  • 🌬️ Dust-Free Dreams: Say goodbye to dust with the one-touch trigger that scrapes off debris and hair entangled in the filter and the dust cup, like a champ! So you NEVER have to go digging in there again!

  • 🚀 Slim & Sleek: Its sleek design ensures it can slip around and under furniture effortlessly.

  • 🔌 Cordless: Cordless vacuum means that you do not have to constantly struggle with the random tangling of the cords or moving the plugs all the time! Plus, it comes with an easy to use charging pad & attachment holder that doesn’t requires mounting!

  • 🧲 Attachment Extravaganza: Quickly converts into a handheld vacuum with the multiple attachments it comes with, to tackle every nook and cranny. All attachments can be used at the shorter base for a small handheld vacuum, or can be attached to the extenders, so you don't have to bend down for a good clean! 🏠


  • 🔋 Battery Blues: Battery life may drain quickly on high speeds, and can often take a bit of time to charge fully. So it's better suited for shorter missions.

  • 💪 Top-Heavy Trouble: It's a bit top-heavy, which might lead to arm fatigue during extended use.

  • 🏠 Carpet Caution: While it works on carpets, it shines brightest on hard floors. When using on carpet, try the "high" power mode for best results!

  • 🐆 Dust Cup Debacle: Due to the trigger dust cup, the filter can sometimes be pushed out, meaning you have to grab it out of the trash can. Or can cause issues when closing the canister completely, due to the irregular shape of the filter.


Dreametech R20 Cordless Vacuum ($499.99)

Best For: Hard to Reach Areas, Under Furniture and Easy Movement


  • 💪🏻 Bend It Like Beckham, Bendable Arm: Comes with multiple accessories, including a bendable arm for ninja-like cleaning in tight spaces. 🥷That means you can get under the couch, as far as the eye can see (even further than that 😉) without having to bend your arm that weird way or have the vacuum get stuck and only reach part of it. The bending accessory can be moved around to be used near the top of the vacuum or bottom, adjusting to YOUR ability and different furniture heights! One of my favorite features! 😍

  • 🧹 Accessory Extravaganza: The other accesorries it comes with are: precision stick with brush for small hard to reach areas, wide head with brush, upholstery attachment, smart soft roller brush & smart multi-surface roller brush (use them according to the floor type to avoid scratching precious floors!), and mount for vacuum + attachments. 😱 Attachments can be plugged into the base for a small handheld vacuum or the extended rods or bendable arm rods, for vacuuming tight areas, without having to reach down.

  • 🍿 Large or Small Debris… It Get's It All: The brush roller can be adjusted to pick up LARGE or small chunks of food with the flip of a switch! Opening the height of the brush roller.

  • 💡 Light Up Your Way: Bright LED lights expose hidden dirt and debris, ensuring that you don't miss a spot.

  • 🔄 360° Cleanup: The V-shaped brush head and soft roller brush pick up dirt and debris from all angles, perfect for carpets, hardwood floors, and more.

  • 🕺 Lightweight & Flexible: It's as light as a feather and flexible as a yoga instructor… so you can clean ANYWHERE in your house!

  • 🌈 Organized Bliss: The mounted holder that comes with the vacuum allows you to keep all of the accessories together AND off of the floor. Charge your vacuum here, and let it hang its hat for the night 😉


  • 🚀 Battery Bonanza: With how powerful the suction is, the battery might go down fairly quickly on carpets, compared to using on hard floors.

  • 🙅 Pet Hair Pitfall: It might not be the best choice for pet owners dealing with long hair shedding furry fiestas! Although it does wonders in my home with a HUGE shedding dog with short hair. I have not gotten to experience long pet hair yet!

  • 🌊 Dry Messes Only: It's not designed to handle wet spills. So keep it to regular vacuuming and messes!

Check out the review video we did on it, and see it in action here.


🐾 Tineco Pure One Air Pet Vacuum ($239.99)

Best For: Perfect For Small Clean-Ups & Handheld Dusting


  • 🚀 Ultra-Lightweight Wonder: Ultra-lightweight and maneuverable means it’s perfect for everyday quick clean-ups. The main body only weights 2.36 lbs, works ergonomic friendly when holding to clean. And easy to maneuver around!

  • 🪖 Tangle Terminator: Say goodbye to hair-tangling troubles, it's a pet owner's dream come true with aa 99% hair-tangle reduction! The V-shaped bristles and dual comb design means hairs get lifted and vacuumed without tangling around the roller brush, making it easier to clean. PLUS- perfect for pet lovers, as no hair is left behind 🐶🐱

  • 💃 Flexible & Stylish: A sleek & flexible design with multiple attachments makes it a versatile home partner. Plus, it can convert to a hand-held vacuum to bed used on any furniture! I LOVE it for dusting with the brush attachment, as it is so light weight and easy to use! 🥰 Comes with a stick attachment and a wide stick with a brush.

  • 🔋 Battery Buddy: It's got the juice to clean your entire home in one go! PLUS, charges relatively quickly, since it is a smaller machine.


  • 💨 Carpet Caveat: Might not perform as well on plush carpets; it prefers hard floors like hardwood or vinyl where it does it's highest suction. Due to having lower suction than some other vacuums on the market.

  • 🚮 Dustbin Drama: You may need a little elbow grease to empty the canister, manually after every use as it PACKS in that dirt! But if you empty it when the dust can shows "full", you should not encounter this issue. 👏🏻

  • 🪓 Smaller Bin Size: It sports a smaller dustbin, so frequent emptying is on the menu. But works GREAT for quick clean ups and small messes. I keep mine in the bathroom for easy hair pick up after my husband shaves, after I blow-dry my hair, or after the dog is brushed 🙍‍♀️ In addition to regular cleaning uses!

  • 🧽 Attachment Absence: Unlike its big sister vacuum, the Tineco S15, this one does NOT come with an upholstery attachment. But it can be purchased separately. It also does not come with a bendable arm for easy access under furniture, but with this kit (with all kinds of extra extenders & bendable arms) can be purchased separately here. ✨


🦈 Shark HV343AMZ Rocket Corded Stick Vacuum ($149.99 USD)

Best For: Lightweight & Convenient Cleaning Of Carpets


  • 🌬️ Suction Superhero: Don't underestimate this little guy! It's ultra-lightweight and easy to carry up and down stairs but packs a punch with its powerful suction, making it a champ on both carpets and hard floors. It EATS up the dust on my home's carpets!

  • 🏡 Space Saver Extraordinaire: When you're done conquering dust, it folds over itself, magically transforming into a compact wonder that's a breeze to store on a shelf or under a table. Plus, when folded, it stands upright on its own, so no need for mounting! 🪄

  • 💰 Budget Beauty: It's not just a powerhouse; it's also budget-friendly! You get a lot of bang for your buck with this vacuum.

  • ⏰ Built to Last: This trusty sidekick has been by my side for over 8 years, and the only hiccup was a button mishap that Shark promptly fixed. Talk about commitment!

  • 🗑️ Easy Dust Disposal: The dust bin detaches for a hassle-free trip to the trash can, no need to lug the entire vacuum.

  • 🚀 Versatility Unleashed: It can transform into a handheld vacuum with the included Crevice and Upholstery attachments for those hard-to-reach spots.


  • 💃 Top-Heavy Tango: If you forget to fold it over, it might do the limbo and tip over on its own.

  • 🔌 Cord Confessions: It does come with a cord, so you'll need to shuffle the plug around as you clean and move the cord.

  • 🗑️ Frequent Dust Duty: Because it's a dust-collecting dynamo, you might find yourself emptying the bin more often, but trust me, it's a breeze!




💧Tineco S5 Blue Wet Dry Vacuum ($499.99 USD)

Best For: Messy Kitchens & Child/Pet Messes on Hard Floors


  • 💦 Mop & Vac Magic: This baby vacuums and mops simultaneously, cutting your cleaning time in half! Imagine the possibilities! 🧹 Making cleaning your floors 2x as quick as you only have to go over them once! ⏰

  • 🚰 Dual Water Tanks: Dual tank system means it keeps clean and dirty water separate, so you're always cleaning with fresh water & cleaning solution. Plus, they're a breeze to empty when needed...(because I have forgotten to empty the dirty water tank for at least a week before 🤢)

  • 🚼 Toddler Tantrum Tamer: Perfect for those frequent toddler food fiascos. Kids dropping food? No problem! 😉 Cleans up messes easily and thoroughly... because it cleans up BOTH wet and dry messes. Including wet liquids like milk, soft foods like eggs, and hard foods like dog kibble! 🍳 So go ahead, throw whatever you want on the floor… you have a new cleaning buddy!

  • 🤖 Smart & Savvy Voice Assistant: Monitor the cleaning performance with a built-in voice assistant and the Tineco App. It's like having a cleaning butler at your service! The vacuum can be connected to the app through wifi and both options provides maintenance reminders, cleaning reports, order replacement parts, and tells me everything I need to know about my vacuum! 😱

  • 🔋 Cordless Wonder & Battery Bliss: This vacuum is completelty cordless. Meaning I do not have to constantly stop to move the plug. 🔌 It also comes with the charging pad that you can simply set on the ground, no mounting necessary. 🛠️ The battery life is a home run. Battery lasts the entire clean, so I can clean all 1500 sq ft of tile/hard floor in one go, without having to stop to recharge!

  • 🌀 Self-Cleaning Sorcery: Why waste time picking out gunk from the roller or washing the tanks? Pop it on the charging pad and hit the self-clean button. It flushes cleaning solution throughout the machine (including internal tubes, brush roll, head, and all other spots of the machine)! 🪄

  • 🪛 Replaceable Parts: Easily replaceable parts, such as the brush roller, filter, etc. Plus, it comes with a second brush roll, filter, and scrub brush to keep things fresh.

  • 🙋 Short Pet Hair Hassle Free: Some users reported that it struggles with lots of long pet hair, but for shorter fur pals (think Great Danes, Chihuahuas, Beagles, Bulldogs, many mutts, etc.), it's a hair-raising experience... and not a problem! 🐕🐈


  • 💦 Brush Roll Dry Time: Brush roll needs to be removed after using, to fully air dry. 🧽 Easy and takes about 5-7 seconds, but if you leave it it, since it is wet, it can mold or cause a foul odor. 🤢 Taking it out and letting it dry is quick and there is even a little holder on the side you can place it there to dry! 💦 Here is a full video on how to clean the full machine.

  • 🧴 Cleaning Solution Loyalty: As with any wet/dry vacuum, the manufacturer recommends using their cleaning solutions for best results, but hey, the first bottle's on the house and comes with your vacuum! 🍾 Using their solution will make the machine last longer, as many commercial brand mopping solutions are overly concentrated and can clog the machine.

  • 🐘 Bulky Buddy: Because it has more cleaning possibilities, it tends to be a bit bulkier, so storing, carrying, and steering might require a little more effort. But nothing you cannot handle 💪🏻

  • 🩳 Tank Refill & Dump: You might need to refill and empty the tank more than once during your cleaning, especially if things get really messy! This one DOES have a much larger water tank than it's sister vacuum, the Tineco S3 Wet Dry Vacuum, an older model of this wet dry vacuum. 👯‍♀️

  • 🧱 One-Sided Affair: Only one side of the brush head touches the wall, meaning that you can get RIGHT up against the wall to remove any debris that touches the baseboards. But the other side has a small barrier. But doesn’t make it an issue for me, personally, because I am right handed and the right side is the one with the wall-to-wall coverage! 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • 🪵 Hard Floors ONLY: Cannot be used to clean carpet, as there is no way to stop the flow of water. Therefore, this machine is for hard floors ONLY (vinyl, wood, tile, LTV, etc.)

  • 🐶 Long Pet Hair Struggles: Some customers complained that it has a tougher time with a large amount of LONG pet hair. They said "it tends to blow the hair around or get stuck in the brush rather than sucking it up completely". 🤔 However, with shorter pet hair, it picks ALL the hair up without an issue. 😱

Watch my review video and see it in action here and here.


Dreametech H12 Wet/Dry Vacuum ($499.99)

Best For: Hassle-Free Clean-Up Afterwards


  • 💦 Double the Fun Of Mop & Vac Magic: It vacuums and mops simultaneously, eliminating the need for double duty. So you can clean your floors 2X as quick, because you don't have to go over your floors multiple times by vacuuming and mopping individually! ⏰

  • 🚼 Spill and Mess Proof: Cleans up WET AND DRY messes easily and thoroughly. Including wet liquids like milk or juice, soft foods like eggs or popcorn, and hard foods like dog kibble and egg shells! 🍳 So go ahead, throw whatever you want on the floor… you have a new cleaning buddy!

  • 💧 Tank Tandem: With a larger clean water tank than dirty water, you can run the self cleaning cycle WITHOUT having to add more water and solution before starting it! Plus, you can mop and vacuum without worrying about constant refilling during your clean too! Very convenient! 😍

  • 🧽 Self-Cleaning & Drying: It cleans itself with a quick and efficient self cleaning mode when placed on the charging pad, removing all caught up gunk internally and in the brush roll. AND…. it even DRIES the brush with hot air in just an hour! 😱No more moldy brushes! ✨ Most wet dry vacuums DON'T offer the drying feature, so I am OBSESSED with it! It is my FAVORITE feature!

  • 🧱 DOUBLE-Sided Affair: Double side edge to edge cleaning. Meaning BOTH sides of the brush roll/head let you get up against the wall to clean any debris or crumbs stuck, nothing will be missed. Get's crumbs in all the corners on both sides, not just one… like many mop vacs.

  • 🔋 Battery Bliss: Cordless vacuum (comes with the charging pad) and along-lasting battery. The battery lasts while I clean my entire 1500+sq ft of hard floor space, and with time to spare! So keep cleaning without interruption.

  • 🤖 Smart Voice Assistant: Receive voice/audio notifications to keep you in the loop during your clean. Your voice assistant will notify you when you need to refill water, dump the tank or charge your buddy. Nice to hear it instead of having to remember all the symbols on the screen. Can even turn off the voice, if you are looking for a silent partner. 🤫

  • 🪛 Replaceable Parts: Easily replaceable parts, such as the brush roller, filter, etc. Plus, it comes with a second brush roll, filter, and scrub brush to keep things fresh.


  • 🧴 Cleaning Solution Loyalty: As with any wet/dry vacuum, the manufacturer recommends using their cleaning solutions for best results, but hey, the first bottle's on the house and comes with your vacuum! 🍾 Using their solution will make the machine last longer, as many commercial brand mopping solutions are overly concentrated and can clog the machine.

  • 🦁 Pet Hair Predicament: May not handle long-haired pet situations as well as short-haired furballs. Some customers said it they had trouble picking up hair for their long haired pets that shed a lot, as it isn't designed to pick up a lot of pet hair and it may get get clogged. I have a short hair dog that sheds A TON and have had zero issues using it with pet hair, food, and liquids. 🐶

  • 🌧️ Streaky Story: It might leave slight streaks on hardwood if you're too speedy when cleaning. The solution needs time to properly release. I do not see this issue on tile or vinyl, but some others noticed it on hardwood.

  • 📺 Symbol Saga: The screen display symbols can be a tad confusing at first, but the voice assist is here to rescue you!

  • 🪑 Carpet-Confined: It's strictly for hard floors (tile, wood, LTV, vinyl, etc), so don't try to take it to the carpet prom!

Watch our review video and see it in action here.


Dreametech L10s Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo ($899.99)


  • 🤖Fully Automated Cleaning: Automatic dust collection, mop-cleaning and -drying, water-refilling, solution-adding, fast mapping, and path-planning all combine to make fully automated home cleaning a reality.

  • 🧭Advanced AI Navigation: The advanced AI Action utilizes an RGB camera and 3D structured light to rapidly learn your home, tailor cleaning strategies, and auto-generate paths according to the type of obstacle, flooring, and room!

  • 🧼Cleans and Dries Its Mops: The mops are lifted automatically when returning to the base station to ensure your floors stay pristine. Automatic mop cleaning immerses the mops in water and spins them at high speed against grooves in the removable base plate to dislodge dirt. After cleaning is complete, the mops are dried with hot air in as little as 2 hours to help prevent odor

  • 📱Phone Controlled Cleaning Assistant: You can access everything you need from your phone to tell it exactly where to go and when! Never leave the comfort of your couch as it navigates around all the toys, shoes, etc. to vacuum and mop your home whenever you need.

  • 🗓️Set It and Forget It: The robot's base has a self-emptying and self-refilling tank to control exactly how much water and solution is in the robot at all times! It will detect when it needs to be refilled and return to base for a quick pit stop and then continue on! Forget about it for up to 60 days!


  • 🐶Dog Hair Struggles: Some customer report with pets that have long hair it can sometimes get clogged and there are no sensors to notify you of this so you may have to check it more frequently to ensure all stays running smoothly!

  • 🎥Live Feed Footage: There is a live camera on it that can be viewed at all times, but if you do not like the idea of it always recording you then you may dislike this feature!

  • 🗺️Map Mishaps: Some have found the mapping feature to be a bit troublesome as it is not easy to remove or add rooms whenever you would like; you have to remap the entire area. It also may accidentally sometimes go into rooms you did not want it to enter and get confused.


Dreametech L120 Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo ($1499.99)


  • 🦾In-Depth Edge Cleaning: Equipped with a Position Sensitive Detector, L20 Ultra identifies edges and corners and the Mop-Extend assembly extends the mop automatically for deeper, closer, corner-to-corner cleaning even in complex house environments.

  • 🤖More Insight and Intelligence: Pathfinder Smart Navigation, AI Action, and 3D Structured Light Obstacle Avoidance System combine to thoroughly learn your home, identify up to 55* types of objects, and deliver comprehensive automatic cleaning.

  • 📈Our Most Advanced and Powerful Suction System Ever: Hair, dirt, dust, and other debris have nowhere to hide. Dreame's advanced Vormax Suction System packs with 7,000Pa of suction to optimize vacuuming efficiency to pull household debris out of the home.

  • 🫧Fully Automatic Base Station: Automate your day-to-day cleaning and come home to just-cleaned floors that smell good and feel good with a fully automatic base station that combines dust collection, mop washing and drying, water, and solution adding.

  • ❌Mop Removal: Has the ability to completely remove its mop heads by itself at the base so it can thoroughly vacuum the carpet OR it can lift up the mop heads off the ground to vacuum as well.

  • 💡 Light Up Your Way: Bright LED lights expose hidden dirt and debris, ensuring that it will not miss a spot.

  • 🗓️Set It and Forget It: The robot's base has a self-emptying and self-refilling tank to control exactly how much water and solution is in the robot at all times! It will detect when it needs to be refilled and return to base for a quick pit stop and then continue on! Forget about it for up to 60 days!


  • 🫗Not Ideal For Big Spills: This vacuum is better for daily maintenance rather than bigger messes or spills. While it can pick it up, it may take a long time and push it around more until it finally cleans it up!

  • 🏞️Central Location: If you want to use the "drop off mopping pad" feature, you'll want to keep it in a central location or near your carpeted areas since it has to return all the way back to its base. It will take a long time and waste battery if it has to go all the way across your house to drop off and pick up it's mopping pads often!


Shark RV2310AE Matrix ($379.19)


  • 🐞No Spots Missed: With Matrix Clean, the robot vacuum cleans using a precision grid taking multiple passes over dirt and debris for deep cleaning coverage.

  • 🗑️Empties Itself: Self empties after each clean into a bagless base that holds up to 45 days of dirt and debris. The bagless base does not require any additional purchase of disposal bags like traditional auto empty robots.

  • 🖌️Self Cleaning Brushroll: Digs deep into carpets and directly engages hardwood floors pulling up debris, hair, and dirt from all surfaces in your home – engineered to pick up more hair and is anti hair wrap.

  • 🗺️Precision Home Mapping: 360° LiDAR vision quickly and accurately maps your home so your robot can methodically clean detecting and avoiding objects in its path, day, or night, adapting to everyday changes in the home.

  • 🐾Pet Love: Powerful vacuum suction and self cleaning brushroll help capture pet hair, dust, and dander.

  • 🎯Advanced Target Cleaning: With a tap in the SharkClean app you can target rooms and spots with Matrix Clean for 30% better cleaning on carpets and hard floors!


  • ➕Difficulty Adding Zones: When you want to use the app to add or change locations onto the already set cleaning path, the robot needs to return to the base before it can be "reset" or add anything to it's cleaning routine!

  • 🌈Color Blindness: I have found it sometimes doesn't see certain colored cords or ropes and will run over them. For example, it ran over my dogs leash because it fell on the ground and is a similar color to my floor!

  • 〰️No Thick Carpets: Some have reported this vacuum does not do very well on thick, shaggy carpets. But if you only have low pile carpets and hard floor, it should be just fine!!

  • ❌💧No Mopping: This ONLY can handle dry messes and regular hair and debris. It will not mop your floors or clean them, just picks up the dirt and dust!


Shark Detect Pro ($599.99)


  • 3️⃣ Deep-Cleaning Technologies: Three powerful cleaning technologies detect and react to hidden dirt, different floor types, and edges for up to 50% better debris pickup*

  • ❌Won't Get Stuck: NeverStuck Technology™ ensures you don’t have to babysit your robot. It lifts & lowers to maneuver over obstacles, cross thresholds, and easily avoid getting stuck!

  • 👀Picks Up Even The Dirt You Can't See: DirtDetect Technology senses dirtier areas and automatically boosts suction and vacuums in a figure eight pattern taking multiple passes to remove the mess.  

  • ⇱Don't Forget The Corners: Detect Pro does not miss a cleaning detail with Edgedetect. It uses blasts of air to pull debris out from corners and edges into its cleaning path delivering 50% better edge cleaning

  • 🚮Self Empties: Automatically empties into the bagless base after each clean for up to 60 days of you never having to touch it!

  • 🐾Pet Love: Powerful suction and self-cleaning brushroll are engineered to pick up more pet hair. After each cleaning the robot traps pet hair in the base with an Anti-Allergen Seal and neutralizes the odor.


  • ➕Difficulty Adding Zones: When you want to use the app to add or change locations onto the already set cleaning path, the robot needs to return to the base before it can be "reset" or add anything to it's cleaning routine!

  • 🧭Lost and Wandering Around: Some report it can get lost easily and might get stuck under furniture and need assistance frequently! It also does not have real time tracking so you may have to go hunting for it!

  • ❌💧No Mopping: This ONLY can handle dry messes and regular hair and debris. It will not mop your floors or clean them, just picks up the dirt and dust!


All of these vacuums are amazing but some have other perks that may be more specific to your needs so we hope this helped you! If you're hoping to buy a vacuum this Amazon Prime Day (October 11-12th!), then keep an eye out on our social medias because we will be posting ALL the best deals for vacuums and many other must-have products!!😉

See you next week!

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