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Amazon Prime Day Deals: Top Selling Products from Day 1🤯

Our day 2 blog of Amazon Prime day is featuring the 10 best top sellers from day 1!! Check out these fan favorite products on sale NOW! 🤩

You don't want to miss this!😉


1. Pressure Steamer (70% !!! Off)- If you've followed along with us for any amount of time, you will know this is one of my FAVORITE cleaning products ever!! A multi-purpose, natural cleaning tool? Yes, please!!


2. Clear Makeup/Toiletry Bag (17% Off) - This little bag is perfect for storing makeup, toiletries, skin products, etc. for travel or just day to day use if you prefer!!


3. Roll Out Dish Drying Rack (20% Off)- Dish drying rack that lays over kitchen sink and then can be rolled up for easy storage! Heat resistant for pots straight off the stove, but also great for drying fruits and dishes.


4. Tineco Floor ONE S5 Pro ($200 Off) - One of my favorite vacuums that I feature in many of my videos is on sale right now!! This wet dry vacuum mops and vacuums simultaneously making floor cleaning easier than ever. It self cleans and is perfect for pet hair and other spills!


5. Clear Drawers for Organization (20% Off) - These are always a fan favorite! Perfect for any type of storage to keep everything organized, especially the fridge!!


6. Pill Organizer (35% Off) - This pill organizer is compact and can hold many different vitamins, medicines, ointments and bandaids! Clear design so you can see everything without opening each compartment.


7. ChomChom Pet Hair Removal (37% Off) - This is a must-have for pet owners!! Flawlessly removes fur from clothes, bedding, furniture, cars, etc.!


8. 10 PCS Mopping Slippers (51% Off) - These reusable microfiber mopping slippers are great for shoe covers for guests or to use when you are cleaning your floors so you aren't walking over what you just mopped! But they also can be used for windows, dishes, cars, etc.!


9. Briggi Mini Handheld Vacuum (40% Off)- The most convenient hand held vacuum to quickly clean up messes or use in tight spaces and upholstery.


10. Dreametech L10's Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo (63% Off!! + Code "homedreameL" for addtional 5% off) - Cleans your floors efficiently without you ever having to get up or stop whatever other tasks you are doing! Mop and vacuums simultaneously. It will retract the mop head whenever it senses carpets or rugs to ensure they don't get wet!


Happy Prime Day Shopping!! We hope we helped you find at least one of those things on your wishlist!💗

See you next week!

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