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Favorite & Required Products To Get Cleaning!

On this blog post, you will find my favorite cleaning products, gadgets, tools and even home-made supplies so you can get started on making your own cleaning products! I have linked the individual products on #Amazon (for ease), and linked my Amazon shop so you can see all of my favorite products seen in my videos, social media posts and used in my own home!

Below are some of my favorite home cleaning products and gadgets that work BEST for cleaning your home! Before getting started on cleaning your entire home, you need to ensure you have the following items:


  • Powdered Tide Laundry (Link)

  • Distilled White Vinegar (Link)

  • Blue Dawn Dish Soap (Link)

  • Bar Keepers Friend (Link)

  • Essential Oils (Link) (Citrus Link)

  • Mr. Clean, Original (Link)

  • Magic Eraser (Link)

  • Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish (Link)

  • Windex (Link)

  • Weiman Cooktop and Stove Top Cleaner Kit (Link)

  • Weiman Granite Cleaner & Polish (Link)

  • Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner (Link)

  • Baking Soda (Link)

  • Epsom Salt (Link)

  • Borax (Link)

  • Arm & Hamer Washing Soda (Link)

  • Ivory Bar Soap (Link)

  • Liquid Castile Soap (Link)


  • Mop (Link)

  • Broom & Dustpan Combo (Link)

  • Microfiber Cloths (Link)

  • Sponges (Link)

  • Scrub Brushes (Link)

  • Shark Vacuum (Link)

  • Rubber Gloves (Link)

  • SOS Steel Wool Pads (Link)

  • Dryer Lint Trap Cleaner (Link)

  • Steam Cleaner for Grout, Furniture, etc (Link)

  • Grater (Link)

Tools for Homemade Products:

  • Empty Spray Bottles (Link)

  • Ice Cube Tray (Link)

  • Collapsible Bucket (Link)

  • Measuring Cups & Spoons (Link)

  • Large Airtight Jars (Link)

  • Medium Airtight Jars (Link)

Check out our Amazon Shop here for more cleaning and organization product recommendations! Follow to stay up to date on new updates, products, tips and favorites.

For details on making your own home-made cleaning products, please see our "Home Made Cleaning Products E-book" on our website!


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