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Floor Cleaning Tips: A Comprehensive Guide to Spotless Floors🧹

Floor cleaning is a tedious and one of the most hated tasks in many peoples homes!😫

Pets, kids, and guests are constantly tracking in pollen, dirt, grime, water and mud all the time (especially during the summer!). Toddlers are creating spills every few seconds, pets are leaving clumps of fur everywhere... it's impossible to keep up with!!😭

This week we're talking about all about tips for cleaning your floors, some ways to prevent gross floors, and all of the best products to keep them looking and feeling spotless!🤩


Tips/Hacks for Cleaning your Floors

Here's a list of a few tips we've gathered to make cleaning your floors easier! 💗

Remove Scuff Marks

If you have any scuff marks on your laminate or hardwood floors from shoes, furniture or any other equipment; try taking a basic tennis ball and rubbing it on the mark. It should come off easily without any unnecessary chemicals! For stubborn scuff marks, you can apply a small amount of baking soda on a damp cloth and gently rub the mark until it disappears.🎾

Don't Use Too Much Cleaner or Water

If your floors are coming out streaky you are using too much water while you mop. Make sure you are properly wringing out your mop head each time you dip it into the bucket. You want your mop head to be damp, not soaking wet!☺️

However, if your floors are coming out cloudy after they dry, you are using too much cleaning solution. This can not only produce cloudy floors but actually damage them in the long run! Dilute the amount of cleaning solution by adding more water. A basic rule of thumb for your cleaning solution ratio is about 1/4 of a cup per every gallon of water. Obviously, this can depend on the cleaning solution, so always make sure you are reading the labels and using the recommended amount!🧼

Baking Soda For Odors

If you carpets have a bad odor try sprinkling some baking soda on them and letting it sit for at least 30 minutes! Vacuum it up afterwards to neutralize the odors and have a fresh smelling carpet. This is especially crucial for pets if they ever have accidents. Some cleaners won't get out odors as efficiently so this is a simple hack to make sure you are eliminating it!🌼

Vacuum in ALL Directions

When vacuuming rugs or carpets, it is crucial to be vacuuming in all directions! This not only improves the dirt and debris removal, but will help fluff your carpet to keep it looking new and fresh! This is also especially helpful if you have pets whose fur gets stuck and matted into the carpet! 🐕

DIY Floor Cleaner

While there are many great floor cleaners on the market, creating your own with natural products can work just as well (if not better) for your floors!! We recommend putting equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle to always have on hand to clean up messes and spills quickly! If a guest spills something, you can just grab it, spray it and wipe it up to quickly clean and sanitize your floor, no problem!😉


Preventative Measure

While there is no way to completely eliminate your floors getting dirty because you walk on them all the time, here are a few methods you could try implementing to prevent them getting as dirty as quickly!✨

Make Use of Doormats

I know, I know, this one is a little obvious but use doormats inside and outside of places where people are frequently going in and out! Try investing in a quality one to ensure it is really trapping all that dirt and debris off of shoes before they enter a home! Make sure you are regularly cleaning them to ensure optimal use. 🚪

Implement a No Shoe Rule

Shoes are one of the dirtiest things your home! Think about where they go and what they are touching daily!! Try implementing a no shoes policy in certain places in your home to prevent tracking dirt and grime everywhere. It can be the whole home or even just the carpeted areas, etc.!! 🥰

Clean Up Spills Immediately

The best way to create a less daunting task of deep cleaning your floors, is to clean up spills and messes immediately, even if they are small!! Take your DIY bottle floor cleaner and spray it on the spot, then grab a mop to wipe it up! No need to get out the whole mop bucket and solution when you are in the middle of a party or activity! 🫗

Use Floor Protectors

The number one way to prevent furniture from dirtying/damaging your floors is to use felt pads on the bottom of the legs! This will eliminate the risk of your tables or chairs scuffing or scratching your hardwood/laminate floors! You can find cheap ones on Amazon, here.

Have a Pet Paw Washing Station

Pet's are always bringing in who knows what on their paws from outside! Try implementing the task of quickly wiping down your pets paws whenever they come inside. Once you make it a routine, they will know to do it every time and it will become quicker and easier. This will greatly decrease the amount of dirt and debris they inevitably track around the house. 🐾


Best Products for Easy Floor Cleaning

In this section, you will find various carpet cleaning products that we highly recommend to make the daunting task of floor cleaning, less so. We know everyone has different budgets and needs, we just like to provide options! Click on the title to take you straight to each product so you can purchase for yourself!❤️

This carpet rake is a must-have to get out all that dirt and grime from your rugs or carpeted areas!! Even after you vacuum, you will be surprised how much more this rake can get out from deep in the fibers! It is extremely helpful for those with pets that shed a lot!🐶

This robot vacuum is amazing for cleaning those floors so you don't have to!! This one mops and vacuums at the same time. It can run a full cleaning routine without you ever having to get up or stop what you are doing! It senses objects and goes around them so you don't even have to pick up before you run/schedule it. It also senses carpet and rugs so it automatically lifts up the mopping pads to not get your rug wet!🤩

The O-Cedar mop is my go to basic mop! Remember how we talked about wringing out your mops before use? This mop has a spot to swing wring the head out for you! The mop heads are also reusable so when you are done you can simply throw them in the washing machine and it will be ready to go again whenever you need it! It not only can be used for the floor, but it is perfect to use on baseboards, staircase railings and door frames as well. ☺️

No one wants to go through the task of vacuuming AND then mopping afterwards. With this wet/dry vacuum does all the work for you so you only have to go over your floors once. 🤯

This vacuum not only gets out all that dirt and debris in your carpets, but actually steam cleans and shampoos it for you for a fresh, new looking carpet! There is also a DRY-MODE so you don't have to walk around on wet carpet for the rest of the day. Don't waste money getting your carpets professionally cleaned, as this will do it all for you! Its perfect for any type of upholstery in your home to clean stains on couches, beds, etc.😆


We know cleaning your floors can be a tedious, daunting task. We hope this blog has helped ease some of those fears in one way or another! 💗

See you next week!

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