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From Fur to Fabulous: Essential Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners🐾

This one is for all you pet lovers and owners! Anyone with pets knows the impossible task of keeping their home clean with their fur babies running around all the time.🐕

Fur is everywhere, their paws are tracking in who knows what, and don't even get me started on the messy drinking and slobber they get all over the furniture🛋️....

This week we have gathered all the best cleaning tips and products to help you maintain your pet-loving homes!💗


Pet Cleaning Tips

To begin, we made a list of some cleaning tips and daily practices you can implement into your home to clean and prevent messes from our four legged friends⭐

Ice Cube Trick for Furniture Dents

If your pet has left dents in your carpet or upholstery from lying or sitting in the same spot, try placing an ice cube on the dent and let it melt. As the ice melts, it will help fluff up the fibers, reducing the visibility of the dent! 🧊

Paw Cleaning Station

If your dog is always tracking in dirt and debris

from outside, try this! Create a designated area near the entrance of your home with a small towel or mat for wiping your pet's paws after outdoor activities. Make it a practice, every time you come in, to wipe their paws and eventually they will know and automatically be ready for it! 🐾

Vinegar for Urine Odors: Every dog owner knows the frustrations of potty training that stubborn puppy! You can buy various floor/carpet cleaner or you can try this DIY solution! ☺️ Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water (ie. 1 cup of water and 1 cup of vinegar) in a spray bottle and spray the affected area. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes before blotting it dry. The vinegar helps clean and neutralize the odor to prevent future accidents! (Dogs will potty in the same spot inside every time unless you effectively get rid of that urine odor!!)🐶

DIY Pet Deodorizer

Much of the pet odor that may be in your home is from their beds and carpets! To help neutralize and get rid of this oder, try filling a small container with baking soda and a few drops of pet-safe essential oil (ie. lavender or eucalyptus). Mix well and sprinkle this mixture on carpets, pet bedding, or in litter boxes to neutralize the odors! Let sit and then vacuum or brush it away🛏️

Pet Repellant for Furniture

This is for those owners that are trying to teach your pets to stay off furniture! Buy a plastic carpet cover and place it on whatever furniture you want to keep them off of, with the prickly side up! This will prevent them from jumping up and dirtying it without you have to monitor them and the couch 24/7 😁 For cats, put some aluminum foil on the furniture and it will instantly repel them away from it! (Cats hate aluminum foil😬).

Duck Tape Lint Roller

If you're like me and you love having your pets on the couch to cuddle with but hate the copious amounts of hair they leave behind...😂 This one is for you! Now, traditional lint rollers can definitely do the trick to getting up all that fur, but this DIY one works better in my opinion (and it is bigger)nj!! Take an old paint roller and wrap it strips of duck tape (sticky side facing out). It will easily roll along your furniture and pick up a lot more hair with the stickiness of the duck tape! You can remove the strips as they get filled with hair to reveal fresh strips to keep going until all the hair is up!!💟


Pet Cleaning Products

Here are some of the best pet cleaning products you can get (all on Amazon!). I want to preface this section by saying I know everyone has different budgets and I am not telling you to get all of these! I just like to give options for whatever pet cleaning need you might want fulfilled! ✨

All products are linked in the title for you to click on and take you straight to the page to order it!💝

This carpet rake is a must-have if you have carpeted homes and a dog that sheds like crazy!! Simply use it as a rake on your carpets and it acts as a magnet to pull out all that fur and cat hair (even when you think you vacuumed it thoroughly, this will get out any remaining fur😉). It also doubles as a squeegee for floors, windows, mirrors and more!🪟

Everyone knows that struggle of even if you vacuumed yesterday, the floor will still be covered pet hair and debris within days.🙄 Robot vacuums eliminate this annoyance because they clean on their own everyday (or multiple times a day if you need!). Our favorite is the iRobot Roomba 694 as its specifically made to be good with all that pet hair your dog sheds! This robot vacuum works on carpet, hard wood floors, self charges, and even connects to your phone so you can schedule cleanings and manage everything the comfort of your couch.🥰

This upholstery cleaner is the perfect product to get up those tough pets stains on carpets, furniture, auto interiors and more! Here's a video to demonstrate its use and how effective it is! Plus, a percentage of every purchase goes to the BISSELL Pet Foundation who's mission is to save homeless pets❤️

This hand-held vacuum is specifically made to be great with pet hair and messes! It comes with multiple attachments to get into all those tight spaces that pet hair inevitably gets stuck in. It's extremely light weight to make it easy to use for quick clean ups and to get in high places! It's cordless, works on hard floor and carpets, and very quiet!🤩

Getting rid of pet odor in your home can be tough. It feels like you clean often and there shouldn't be any linger odor and dust, but there probably is! This air purifier is the perfect solution. Not only does it remove dust to to give you less work, it also purifies and eliminates bad odors for a cleaner, fresher smelling home!🌸

Check out this video to see this purifier in action!! 😊


If you're like me, you love your pets more than life. But sometimes they can be quite an inconvenience when you are trying to have a clean home🙃 We hope these tips can help you enjoy the love of you pet AND a tidy home all at once💛

See you next week!

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