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How to Move Forward: Step 2

Once you have decided on what your home vibe is going to be and how you use your house the most, you can start to realize what needs to be organized and in what order.

Let priority take prescience here. Organize a SMALL section in the area that causes you the most concern. For me, my freezer was OVERWHELMING! My partner is a hunter and he comes home with TONS of meat every season, which is amazing (hello #leanprotein) but it becomes a lot to store, and eventually eat or give away when you have too much. So it was a major factor of our evenings when we would come home and try to cook. It wasted a lot of our time deciding on what to make, looking for ingredients we had or didn't, and then searching the pantry for things to work in with the meat we did have. Truthfully, it was too much and we ended up not using all the meat when we 100% could have! As soon as I came to this realization, I realized we needed to make better planning and a more organized fridge so we could reduce the stress in our day-to-day life and get back to enjoying! So we followed these steps:

  1. START SMALL!!!! Do not do the entire kitchen, start with a drawer (or a freezer in this case)

  2. Take EVERYTHING out of the space (YEP I MEAN EVERYTHING)

  3. Remove things you no longer need/use, that have expired (when dealing with food), or no longer like.

  4. Separate the discard pile into donate, toss, and sell (if talking furniture or clothes)

  5. Group EVERYTHING that you are keeping into sections to realize what you need/where you should put the larger groups vs smaller groups

  6. Make a game plan! We will work on this more in the blog, but you will want to decide what you feel you need, what you need to see or look at regularly and don't, where to put things, etc

  7. Get Product (if needed): this means baskets, bins, etc. the FUN STUFF. Do not do this before even starting. You will end up with way more than you need and ending up storing items you don't even want!! Never buy before and ALWAYS measure before ordering/buying anything! And enjoy your favorite trip to #TheContainerStore

  8. Place the items you love back in the new containers you purchased!

  9. Label! Keeping yourself and those who you live with accountable, will help keep you organized for years longer than just throwing everything in the basket. I promise!

It is THAT simple! Trust me. Organizing is not that hard. You just need to REMOVE THE THINGS YOU DONT NEED!!! Trust me. Take it step by step and you will make it work.


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