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Kitchen Zen: 8 Must-Have Kitchen Organization Products🧑‍🍳

I don't know about you, but it seems like my kitchen some how ends up looking like a tornado ran through it. Every. Single. Day.😅 And not to mention, half of my time is spent always trying to find that one, stupid utensil I threw in the back of a drawer!🤦‍♀️

Today, we're sharing our top kitchen organizers so you can revamp your space!!🤩 It is so helpful to be able to clearly see all your cooking utensils laid out in an organized, tidy way and not crammed in drawers or cabinets. This also helps you get rid of excess duplicates and clutter that you didn't even realized you had buried in the back of your cabinets.😬

Whether you have a small kitchen and limited space, or a bigger kitchen that you are having trouble managing, these products are for you!! Navigating will be 10x easier, trust me😉


These dividers have been perfect organizing my utensils!! They are extendable and customizable so you can create the perfect sized dividers for your utensils (or really any kitchen gadgets!!🍴). They work great in my kitchen, but really you could use these dividers for any drawers in your home!🏡


If you have a lot of water bottles, tumblers, etc. this is the perfect organizer for it!!🥃 Sometimes they are too tall to stand in your cabinets, so you have to lay them down, and it just gets annoying trying to deal with that mess when you're on the go. This organizer lays them out for you so you can see each one and grab and go as you please!!🤩


There are MANY spice racks on the market, for various needs and wants! I personally have found this one to be my favorite. It lays perfectly in my drawer, so I can stack all my spices where I can see them as soon as I open the drawer!!🧂 I no longer have to dig through a jumbled mess of spices in my cabinet to find the exact one I want!🍳


Isn't it annoying when you are baking and need the very BOTTOM sheet in your stack of baking pans, so you have to pull ALL of them out to get to it?!😅 This baking sheet organizer lines them all up for you vertically so you can just grab the one you need and go!! It also helps you see each one and realize you may not need 5 of the same size baking sheet😉 Realizing when you need to let go of something, is the first step to decluttering and creating a peaceful home!🥰


There are also different kind's of pots and pans organizers!! This one is great because you can choose how to build it to fit your space best!!🤯 You can either stand it up, so your pots and pans lay horizontally, and leave it out on display.... or if you have cabinets that are big enough, you can tuck it in one of them. OR you can put it together as dividers so your pots and pans stand up vertically, if you have wider, rather than tall cabinets!😍


This ZipLoc bag organizer can hold all the different sizes of bags and your foil, parchment paper, etc.!!🤩 It is so convenient to lay in a drawer so you can easily access whatever you need at any point. OR you can even mount it onto the wall so it doesn't take up ANY drawer space! This is one of those things you don't realize you need, until you try it😉


This isn't just any Lazy Susan, this one is rectangular and fits perfectly in your fridge!!❄️ You can put many items on it and then turn it so you can reach the ones in the back with ease! This is extremely convenient for condiments or jars you are constantly trying to access when cooking and eating!🥫 It could also be used if you have a smaller pantry but want to be able to reach everything without having to dig to the back!!😅


If you have minimal drawer/counter space, then this mounted utensil organizer is calling your name!!🍴It has sections to hold cutlery and knives, AND hanging hooks to put bigger cooking utensils as well! It is very easy to assemble and mount it over your counter or sink for easy access!!🤩


Remember, organization isn't just about the aesthetic (although, that can be a huge part!). But organizing is also about finding homes for all your items and realizing what items are okay to be donated or thrown away! When creating an organizational system, you may find duplicates of items, items you realize you don't really need, or old items that you may not have even realized you had anymore. Organizing allows you to clear that clutter, start fresh, and then have a manageable system as you move forward❤️

To find more products like these, check out our organization guide. We have TONS of products for you, divided into categories so you can find exactly what you are looking for.🤩

Happy Cleaning!✨

See you next week!

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