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Making an Entrance: Creating a Functional and Organized Entryway☺️

Setting the tone for an organized, peaceful home right when you walk in the door is a must; both for yourself and for any guests that may come through! 🥰

This week's blog we are outlining exactly how to do that! From organizing shoes, coats, etc. to creating a clean, welcoming environment from the moment you step foot into your home!! ✨



Having a beautiful entryway is so important but having it also be functional is the key to keeping it beautiful, and helps keep other parts of the rest of the house decluttered as well!! 😍

First things first, an entryway table is a must!! This is where you can put decor, lamps, and storage baskets for mail or keys! You can also by one that had a small shelf at the bottom for shoes or a basket to hold the shoes! You can find tons of these on Amazon like the one I have shown in the picture!! This is also a great spot to add some decor or artwork for a personalized touch from the moment you walk in!🤩

Designate a spot (ie. a small basket, bowl or hanging hooks on the wall) to put keys, wallets, etc. in so you never forget them and always know where they are!! This will minimize cluttering up the countertop or a table with these items as well!🔑

Along with the one above, designate a spot for your mail to go. This

is easiest to have in the entryway but could be in the kitchen or living room as well. Put your mail here as you come inside, if you don't have time to sort it immediately!! This will also remind you to eventually sort it if it's all in one place. There are ones you can mount to a wall (as shown and linked in picture!) or cute small baskets you can use on a table! 📨

Next is shoe organization! If you prefer to keep shoes in the entryway to prevent dirtying the floors, finding a cute, functional way to store these for yourself and guests is crucial!! You can use baskets or racks (like the one in the picture) , whichever you prefer! You can even have two separate spots: one for guests and one for just your family to store some of their shoes indefinitely! 👟

Having a closet in/near your entryway is obviously also a great place to store various items!! You can store coats, bags, purses, hats, scarves, etc. in here. You can also utilize a over the door hooks (on the inside or outside of the door) to put daily items so they are easy to grab and go on your way out. This is also a great place to umbrellas or shopping bags to grab before you head out in the rain or to the grocery store. You can make use of the closet floor space to put shoe racks so they aren't cluttering up the entry way, and place baskets on the shelves for scarves and hats that you may only use during the winter!! 🧣



Since the entryway is such a high traffic area, you will probably want to touch up and freshen up this area more often than other areas! Here's a couple tips and things to remember for keeping this area as clean and tidy as possible!! 🌟

Clean your doormats often! Although doormats are adorable and look great inside and outside, their job is to catch dirt and debris from being tracked all over the rest of the house!! Make sure these are cleaned, vacuumed, and rinsed out frequently so they can properly do their job and help prevent the floors from becoming dirty as quickly! Depending on the door mat, you can hose them off and let them air dry in the sun, vacuum and shake them out frequently, spot clean and scrub them down or (if applicable) machine wash them for a deep clean! 🧼

Vacuum, sweep and/or mop this area regularly!! You can even keep a broom and dust pan in a nearby closet to quickly sweep up this area before and after guests go in and out. If you have rug, make sure to vacuum and spot clean it regularly because it will accumulate dirt and debris quickly!!🧹

Consider having a spot where guests take off their shoes when they enter your home! This is where having a basket where they can put them comes in handy. Another option is you can buy covers for them to put on over their shoes so they don't have to take them off but won't track in all the outside grime from their soles! 👠

Be sure to sanitize surfaces yourself and guests are touching frequently like light switches and door handles!! These are often the first thing people contact when they come in and are home to all the bacteria from the outside world!!🌎

Also, remember to dust any knick-knacks or decor one the entryway table or picture frames to keep them fresh and beautiful!! These dusting gloves are a great way to dust uniquely shaped objects and to easily run your hand over other items and decor. 🪴


We hope this week's blog helped you get some ideas on how to set up your beautiful, functional entryway and how to maintain it!! Please keep in mind, these are just vague suggestions and you can decorate or use any items you want to organize and maintain your entryways to your liking; the products mentioned in this blog are merely suggestions and examples!💖

See you next week!

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10 août 2023
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Couldn’t agree more! Everyone needs a catch all spot when you first walk in the door

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Home Reimagined
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Totally Agree!!

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