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Reclaiming Your Garage: Tips and Tricks for a Refreshed Space🧰

I know, I know. Just the thought of attempting to reorganize that place sends chills down your spine.😂 Garage reorganization is definitely a daunting task. This week, we're going to try to break it up for you and provide you with some tips to hopefully make it less so!

From decluttering, to reorganizing, to cleaning, we are going over everything you need to tackle this task with the least amount of breakdowns possible!😅



First things first, declutter!! You are going to want to go through everything and get rid of anything you do not need, use or want anymore! Try to split it into categories to not overwhelm yourself and just tackle one category at a time; whether it be sports equipment, tools, holiday items, etc.🎄

When you've made it through everything. Donate, sell, or throw away an excess material or items that haven't made the cut. 🤗

For more in-depth decluttering plans, strategies and lists; go download our new free guide, here!!! 🥳



Now, that you've gotten rid of all the junk you don't really need, it's time to reorganize everything in a functional manner. Here's some of our favorite garage organizing ideas and tips:

Magnetic Strip Tool Organizer: Try attaching a magnetic strip to the wall or inside a cabinet to hold metal tools like screwdrivers, pliers, and wrenches. It keeps all your metal tools together, and easy to grab and go whenever you may need! Plus, it looks really cool.😎

PVC Pipe Storage: Cut up and mount PVC pipes onto the wall (like shown in the picture) to store things like brooms, mops, hockey sticks, etc. vertically and save valuable floor space!! This one will require some DIY skills to find the right PVC pipe, cut it up and mount it, but it's so worth it!😁

Ceiling Storage: Ceiling storage is a must for smaller garages. Install hanging racks on the ceiling to put holiday decor boxes, camping gear, and other things you need but don't use very often, to get it off the floor and out of the way!! The one's shown in the picture are my favorite. They are easy to install, easy to get down each box whenever you may need, and much less bulky than other options I have seen!!📦

Mounted Sports Organizer: If you, your kids, or your spouse enjoys playing a lot of sports, consider investing in a wall mounted sports organizer to keep all your equipment in one place. It will be ready to grab and go whenever you may need it and not strewn about your garage or house, cluttering it up!🏈

Pegboard for Tools: If you have a lot of tools, consider investing in a pegboard + all the necessary accessories (ie. hooks, pegs, shelves) to arrange and hold everything!! Make sure you measure the space and get one that will fit and hold the weight of all your items!!🛠️ The one shown and linked in the picture is beautiful and it even comes with a bunch of hook sets to install with it so you don't have to purchase separately!

Overall, one of the most important things in reorganizing your garage is utilizing wall space!! Mount as many organizers as you can to keep as many things as you can off the ground! This will immediately create a much tidier illusion and will allow for your cars to actually sit comfortably in the garage. 🤩



Cleaning your garage is probably about the last thing anyone ever wants to do, and I get it. Luckily, your garage doesn't have to be as clean as your kitchen. So, here are a few tips and tricks for quickly cleaning your garage just past the point that it's not an eye sore anymore.😅

Use a Leaf Blower. Take a leaf blower to the floor, corners, shelves, etc. to quickly remove any dust, leaves, and dirt and blow them toward the exit. This isn't a foolproof way of dusting but it can quickly displace and remove large amounts of dirt and leaves that may have built up. You can then go over the ground with a vacuum or a broom to clean up any excess. 🍂

DIY Cleaning Solution. Make your own cleaning solution for cheap by simply mixing equal parts white vinegar and warm water into a spray bottle. Use this to wipe down shelves, counters, walls, etc.! This isn't anything special, but it works great for just your garage to get off any grime and dirt!! 🧽

Hose Everything Down. If you have detachable shelves and equipment that can get wet, just remove everything and power wash or hose everything down in the drive way!! You can let it air dry outside or take a towel to each item and return it to its proper place. This quickly gets off any cobwebs, caked on dirt, etc. so you don't have to scrub and dirty towels!! 💧

Invest in a Push Broom and Shop Vacuum. These two items are all you need to keep your garage floor perfectly clean! The large push brooms get up much more dirt and debris than regular brooms in about a tenth of the time. You can also use it on the patio, driveway, and porch to quickly sweep those areas!! Shop vacuums are life changing for vacuuming up shelves, corners, and any big messes quickly and efficiently!! 🤩


We hope this blog helped you tackle your garage and gave you some fun organization ideas!!😇

Let us know in the comments what your favorite tip/product was!!🥰

See you next week!

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Aug 10, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Great tips! Using ceiling storage is so important

Home Reimagined
Home Reimagined
Aug 11, 2023
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Yes!! Great space saver!!

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