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Roadside Rescue: 10 Items That Can Save Your Day on the Road🚗

When traveling by car on a long journey or even just around your town, problems could arise at pretty much any given moment.😅 Whether it be a flat tire, dead battery, or bad weather... being prepared with the proper supplies/tools in your trunk can make ALL the difference between an "ugh, how annoying" to a "this is a disaster"🫣.

So this week we're talking about MUST HAVE items that your car should be carrying at all times!!🚗 From basic tools to emergency supplies, these items can be a huge help with getting you back on the road in no time!⬇️


Spare Tire and Jack🛞

Starting with one of the more obvious, a spare tire and a jack!🛞 Getting a flat tire is pretty much the most common issue for drivers ending up on the side of the road. Always make sure your tire is properly inflated, and that you have the other necessary tools to switch out the tires!🔩


Tire Pressure Gauge🌡️

Speaking of flat tires, a tire pressure gauge helps you quickly check your tire pressure and make adjustments as needed!!🛞 These are small and you can keep them in your glove box! Always check your tire pressure regularly (especially, before long trips!!🚗) to help maintain the car tires health and keep them lasting as long as possible!🤩


Jumper Cables⚡️

A dead battery is another common issue that will leave you completely stranded!!😬 To remedy these, always ensure jumper cables are somewhere in your car and learn how to properly use them😅 You never know when you'll need to jump-start your car or help out someone who does!! You will need another vehicle to do this; unless, you have a portable jump starter which I will talk about more next!!⬇️


Portable Jump Starter✅

You never know when your battery might die and leave you stranded with zero help (Or if you would just prefer to always have to comfort of being able to jump start your car without anyone's help😉)!! Portable jump starters allow you to do this without the help of another vehicle!

You can order one off of Amazon, here. Or any local auto parts stores will carry them as well🚗



A multi-tool is a great way to carry around multiple, compact instruments without having to lug around an entire set of tools everywhere!🛠️ This one on Amazon has 14-in-1, to assist with tightening screws, to cutting a seatbelt in an emergency, to breaking windows, etc.!!


Flashlight and Batteries🔦

I know most people have a flashlight on their phones, but it's always a good idea to have a good ole reliable flashlight (& don't forget extra batteries!!!)!🔦 These are invaluable if you happen to get stuck in a nighttime condition and need to work on your car!🚗 Keeping a regular flashlight and batteries in your glove box will ALWAYS ensure you have some light readily available for these kinds of emergences!😅


First Aid Kit🩹

It's always a good idea to have a well stocked first aid kit in the car with you at all times‼️ You never know when you might need a bandaid, antiseptic wipes or some pain relievers. Not only in an emergency, but any time!🕐 You can make your own little kit, or you can just buy a fully stocked pre-made one to throw in your car!🤩

Also, always make sure you are keeping your first aid kit somewhere that is easily acessible! It's quite the annoyance to need to grab a little bandaid and have to completley pull over to access it in the trunk😬


Bottled Water & Snacks🥨

I know this sounds daunting, but just in case you ever find yourself stranded for an extended period of time, it's better to be safe than sorry!!😅 Keep some non-perishable snacks (granola bars, jerky, Chex mix, etc.) and extra bottles of water in your car at all times!

I also like to keep these items in my car, because you never know when a simple bottle of water at the ready can be helpful to ANYONE on a hot day!☀️


Emergency Blanket🥰

This one might not be so obvious, but an emergency blanket is always a good thing to have in case of emergency!🆘 These are the ones that come prepackaged and are very small and compact so you can easily fit in your car. They are built to retain body height and resist wind! These can be a NECESSITY during cold weather for helping someone through an emergency!🚑


Duct Tape✔️

Confession: Duct tape has saved part of my bumper from falling off until I could get it to a repair shop🫢. Duct tape is very versatile and can be used to temporarily fix many automotive problems! It may not seem like a necessity, but you really never know when duct tape could be a necessary quick fix to a problem until you can get your car to a shop!🚗


I know preparing for potentially scary emergencies may not be at the top of most people's "want to do" list.😬 But you know how it is, better safe than sorry!!

We hope this blog helped you get an idea of how to prepare you car!🚗 If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions that I didn't happen to mention, etc. Please feel free to drop a comment below🥰

Now, go pack that car! You never know when you might need it!😉

See you next week!



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