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Safeguarding Your Tech: Best Practices for Electronic Cleaning📲

In our day and age, you are likely to have an abundance of electronic devices. From smartphones, to tablets, to laptops, to gaming consoles - we are surrounded and interacting with them every day!😅

But as we use them relentlessly, they accumulate a silent army of dust, grime, and germs that threaten not only their performance but also our well-being! Think about all the different things you touch in a day as you carry around that trusty smart phone from errand to errand?!😷

Today, we are sharing our best do's and don't, tips and tricks, and products to help aid you in maintaining your electronic devices for maximum longevity! ✨


Do's and Don't's

DO: Power off or unplug any electronic device before beginning to clean! This will ensure your safety by preventing any electrical shocks that could occur!⚡️

DO: Use microfiber cloths!! These are gentle, non-abrasive cloths that won't damage or scratch your screens but still clean very thoroughly! We have an entire blog post dedicated to microfiber cloths if you want to learn more about it, here! 🤩

DO: Use approved cleaning solutions! Read the manufacturers label to ensure it has no special cleaning solutions that need to be used; otherwise, a mixture of distilled water and isopropyl alcohol (70% or less) is generally safe for most screens and surfaces!🧼

DO: Focus on the ports and vents! These little spots are often overlooked and missed but can get the dirtiest! A great option to thoroughly clean this part, is to use a can of compressed air to blow out all the grime! It doesn't blow out any liquid so it won't damage anything but will blast out the dirt and debris!💨

DON'T: Use excessive force or abrasive materials. Avoid using paper towels, rough cloths or scrubbers to ensure you don't damage it. Like we mentioned above, it is best to only use microfiber cloths! Additionally, scrubbing vigorously can damage screens. Wipe gently and take your time to get off all the debris!🧽❌

DON'T: Overuse liquid or spray solution directly onto device! You want to spray the solution onto the cloth and then apply it to the device. The device should never be dripping wet or it can get ruined.💦 Additionally, dry as you go to ensure there is no excess moisture on the screen and to prevent streaks!

DON'T: Disassemble your devices to clean them (unless you are experienced or the manufacturers label instructs you to do so). Disassembling can void warranties and/or lead to damage!!😣


Tips and Tricks

  • Try using a magic eraser on keyboards to clean them! It gently and easily takes off smudges, oil, and grime without damaging or scratching your keys! Do not dampen the eraser beforehand, simply rub a clean, dry eraser over the keys a few times and it will be good as new!⌨️

  • Take a lint-roller to speakers, microphones and other surfaces! You want to avoid excessive liquid in these areas. A lint roller rolls over your speakers and effortlessly takes off all the dirt and dust without fear of damaging it! 🔊

  • Swipe a dryer sheet over screens and plastic surfaces after you have finished cleaning to reduce the static electricity AND it will help repel dust from sticking onto the surface for longer!🤯

  • If you want to invest a couple bucks, this keyboard slime is brilliant for cleaning all the crevices between you keys instantly! It fits into those tight spaces and picks up the dust without all the hassle of trying to clean around each and every key. (It also is great for other vents, speakers, cameras, printers, screens, etc!!🤩)

The main thing to remember when cleaning you devices is maintenance! Wiping your smartphones down often goes a long way in preserving the screen and keeping it pristine. Making sure no dirt gets down into your keyboard with regular maintenance is key. And remember to wipe down those game console controllers every once in a while to keep it from sticking! All of these things will prolong the life of your devices so they can run for as long as possible!🥰


We hope this blog post helped you with learning how to clean and maintain those expensive devices!! If you learned anything or have any other tips and tricks you live by for keeping your electronics grime free, drop them it in the comments! We appreciate the support and feedback always!💗

See you next week!

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