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Unique Mother's Day Gifts That She'll Actually Use!!💝

Let's be honest, Mom doesn't need another robe or pair of slippers....😉 This Mother's Day, let's get those hardworking, lovely women in our lives something she will actually be able to use and love!!🥰

We put together a wide range of gifts of varying prices so you can be sure to find at least one thing Mom will love, below!!🤩 All these products will have links that will take you directly to Amazon so you can go order right now and have them before Mother's Day!🥳

Without further ado, let's get into it!👇

PS. This list is in no particular order! Make sure you scroll all the way through it so you don't miss a thing!!💗


Shoulder/Neck Massager💆‍♀️

Get your mom the gift of a lifetime with this heated shoulder/neck massager!!🤩 It fits comfortably on your shoulders for a relaxing, yet thorough massage anywhere!🥰 Her stress will dimminish greatly with this massager to help her relax after a long day of keeping the household running😉


Bloom Kitchen Towels💓

Your mom will LOVE these adorable kitchen towels!! They are twice as big as regular ones, the absorbancy is 7x a normal towel, and they dry so quick, you won't have soggy towels laying everywhere🤯 Not to mention, they have the most adorable double-sided patterns for a beautiful look in our kitchen!🥰

They are having a Mother's Day special sale right now!! When you order a box, it comes pre-wrapped in a cute box with Happy Mother's Day already printed on it!🤩

✨Use code: HOME15 for an additional 15% off!✨


Candle Warmer🕯️

If Mom is a candle lover, this candle warmer is a must (bonus points if you get her a few candles to go with it!!🤩). The candles will last 10x longer and it makes for the CUTEST decor!!🕯️This one has a timer function AND can be controlled by a remote!! (So you don't have to get up and safely blow it out every single night😉)


Bathtub Tray🛁

Your mom deserves a relaxing bath after a long day dealing with you😉 This bath tray is a MUST-HAVE!!🤩 It has a spot to hold your wine without worrying about it falling over. A spot for snacks or other items. AND a spot to hold up a phone or tablet so you can read or watch something while relaxing in the bath🥰


Book Reading Light💡

If Mom is a book lover, this reading light is a MUST!!📚 It fits comfortably around your neck so you don't have to deal with the hassle of clipping it on your book and adding weight to it or throwing it off balance. You can adjust the light settings and the brightness for the perfect reading ambiance💡


Book Vase📚

Speaking of book lovers..... you can't go wrong this this ADORABLE book vase!!! It fits perfectly on my book shelf, or it could be used as a centerpiece on your table!!🏺 Any way you use it, it will add a beautiful look to your home. OH, and don't forget their favorite flowers to fill it, of course!😉💐


Coffee Heat Pad☕️

Mom's hardly ever have time to drink their coffee while it's still WARM😅 Get her this coaster so she can have warm coffee for hours while she deals with all the rowdy kids and keeps the home in order😉 You can set a timer, and adjust the heating the temperature to have the perfect cup of coffee all morning!☕️


HyperChiller Cup🥤

Speaking of coffee.... this cup drastically cools drinks in SECONDS⏲️ I tested it with coffee straight out of the machine and it went down over 85 degrees almost instantly🤯 It is easy to put together and grab and go, AND it wont water your drinks down with ice cubes melting!!🧊


Towel Warmer🥰

Go in together with your siblings or other family members to get Mom this amazing blanket/towel/robe warmer!!🤩 This is the PERFECT gift for anyone who loves to curl up with a good blanket in the evenings. I also use it for my towels so they are warm and cozy right as I get out of the shower!🚿


Digital Picture Frame🖼️

This picture frame is so cool! You can send pictures from your phone to immeditaely be displayed in this picture frame in your home!!🏠 You can even invite people to send pictures (from anywhere) to the frame so you can display your friends and family's pictures!!🤯 This is the perfect gift for any Mom's who's kids have all moved out. You can send your Mom pictures in seconds that she doesn't even have to print out to display😉


Furbo Pet Treat Camera🐶

For the Dog MOMS out there!!😉I love being able to check in on my dogs when I am away and this camera is PERFECT for it!!🎥 This camera rotates so you can see your pet at all times, it has night vision, it has smart alerts so you can be notified of any emergencies, and it has a two-way talk function so you can speak to them from wherever you are! But the best part is, it has a built in treat dispenser so she can spoil her pet from miles away all day long🐶🐱


Gardening Tool Set/Seat🪴

For all those Mom's out there that love to garden, this is for you!!🤩 It comes with 7 gardening tools, a heavy-duty tote bag to carry them around, and a sturdy steel frame stool!!🤯 This is the perfect, all-in-one gift for any Mom's who garden or want to get into gardening!🪴


We hope this helped you find the PERFECT gift for your mom this Mother's Day🥰 Let us know in the comments any other amazing Mother's Day gifts you've gotten your mom in the past that she loved!!💝

Happy Mother's Day!✨

See you next week!

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