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Welcome to My Business!

Hello everyone! I am Jacqueline, a professional organizer with a passion for finding solutions to the hardest problem areas in your home and office. I have been organizing for as long as I can remember.... I would ALWAYS ask my best friends if I could organize their closets and drawers. We would dump everything out on the floor, edit out what they no longer wanted, and I would reorganize their closet based on season, what sport uniforms they needed currently, trends, etc.! We had the best time ( least I did ;) ).

Growing up, I knew I was not just into organizing but into decorating and cleaning too! I used to follow my mother around, learning every trick she did so I too, could maintain a beautifully clean home. I tip my hat to her for many of the amazing basics I learned, including my need to organize my cleaning products LOL!. She divided up her home into "sections" (ex; the pink section), cleaning by sections and categories. She had the most amazing schedule for what rooms were to be cleaned on what days, what extra parts were to be refreshed (buff the stainless steal, etc.), and knew exactly what day of the week it was simply from that. She is amazing and I could not have gotten anywhere without my parents. My family are all that I could ask for in this life, but you will hear more about them later.

Inspired by my mom, every month, I would rearrange my bedroom furniture, making it function in the BEST possible way for whatever my current obsession was (Hello #ZacEfron posters!). I even cut out all of the magazines around the house and created a very extensive collage wall (in which my parents were not thrilled with--- they had just paid to have the house painted the week before... OOPS!)

As long as I can remember, I have been insanely in love with all things home. So, I decided to make a life out of it. I created an Instagram and TikTok and shared all of my favorite cleaning hacks, organization tips and projects. And to my surprise, it worked!! (Check it out in the links in the top corner).

I invite you to follow along with me for tips, tricks, hacks, projects and so much more!



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