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Working Wonders: Organizing and Optimizing Your Home Office Space💻

In this day and age, working from home is as prevalent as ever!! While WFH jobs can be great and have many perks, creating your own office space that pushes you to focus and stay motivated, can be tough!😅

This week we're talking about how to create and organize a beautiful office space that will promote clarity and efficiency while you work!! From managing paperwork, to optimizing your desk space, we are giving you some of our favorite tips and tricks for a productive work space!📈 And of course, sharing the links to some of our favorite office organizers so you can build your space to perfection!!😉


Tips and Tricks

Finding The Best Location. Location is so important for promoting clarity and focus! Find a location in your home that is well lit, and free of distractions!! Additionally, it is better to work in a room with more windows and natural light, as opposed to a dark, stuffy room. Natural light can boost your mood and productivity!🪟

Ergonomic Furniture. It is important to invest in a good desk chair to better your posture and prevent discomfort and pain when sitting for prolonged periods of time. Better yet, a standing desk where you can alternate between standing and sitting every once in a while will drastically help with stiffness during a long work day!😅 I, personally, use this desk riser on top of my desk to allow me to easily raise the height so I can stand and work! Additionally, this is the chair I use at my desk everyday! It allows me to work comfortably all day, plus it's cute and chic!🪑

Declutter Regularly. Decluttering can drastically help your organizing and productivity. Going to a cluttered dusk first thing in the morning is demotivating and can slow down your work progress! One of the biggest things that has helped me stay more tidy is instead of putting things down, I immediately put them away when I am done using them! It might not seem like much, but creating this habit will prevent having to declutter everything all at once and getting overwhelmed.😅 At the end of each day, try to put everything back where it belongs so you can start your next work day fresh!!

Personalize The Space. This one is definitely more of a preference and suggestion than anything. But for me, personalizing my workspace makes it so much more comfortable and inviting! Put up art, decorations, picture frames, etc. Anything that you love to make to make it a more enjoyable place to be ~8 hours of your day!🥰

Keep The Area Clean. I'm not just talking about tidy, but keeping your office space clean and free of allergens will dramatically help in keeping a clear, focused mind! Remember to dust, wipe down surfaces and vacuum under your desk on a regular basis! Additionally, this mini air purifier is a must to keep the air quality fresh and your work space from getting too stuffy! Keeping plants in your study or around your desk area is also a great way to naturally improve the air quality and create a calm atmosphere!🪴


Favorite Organizers

Cord Organizer. We all have that drawer or box full of, what seems like, a million different cords, that we have collected over the years. This cable management organizer on Amazon is perfect for all your chargers and cords! It also comes with 20 wire ties to keep them from getting tangled!! 😍

Accessory Organizer. This office desk organizer is perfect to put on your desk to hold all your pens, paper clips, staples, etc.! It comes with slots and drawers for everything you need and for a fantastic price!🖋️

Memo Board. This memo board attaches to your computer monitor to give you more space to put sticky notes with reminders, schedules, to-do lists, affirmations, etc.! It is very easy to stick on and take off. Ensure you never lose your to-do list or reminders again by sticking them right on to your computer!🖥️

Under Desk Cable Management. This cable organizer is a must have to organize all those cords under your desk!! No more tangled cords scattered under your desk. It has clamps to clamp onto your desk and hang under to make it easy to "install" without any drills or screws!😉

Headphones Stand. If you use headphones a lot during work or study, this headphones stand is perfect to keep them from getting damaged and dirty!! You can just keep it at the end of your desk to ensure you always have them ready to go whenever you may need them! It even has a spot for you to hold the cord or charging cable on the back and a phone holder to keep your phone upright, right next to you!!📱🎧


We hope this give you ideas and helped any of you who work from home!! Make that space your own, keep it clean and organized, and watch the productivity flow!!😉 If you want to see exactly how I maintain and organize my home work space, check out my video, here!!🤩

See you next week!

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