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How To Create Goals And Stick With Them!🎯

We all have certain goals and aspirations; whether they be a goal for the day or an overarching goal you want to accomplish in the coming weeks or months!🗓️ Whether it be working out more, eating healthier, managing our home better, creating better habits, etc... we all have goals we want to achieve!🤩

If one of your personal goals is clean more, declutter better, organize more efficiently, or just have better home management in general, we got you!!😉 Today, we will be sharing some manageable ideas/goals on how you can improve your home living arrangements, and more importantly, how to accomplish them!!🥰


Set Specific Goals

I know, most people say "set realistic goals", but I think a better term for it is set specific goals. For instance, if your goal is simply "be more organized"; that goal is technically realistic but it won't be very attainable because it's not specific.🧐

Your "overarching" goal, to be more organized, is perfectly fine. But additionally, create smaller, manageable tasks so you can feel accomplished all year long, as you chip away at your Overarching Goal💪.

For instance, start with a goal like "Organize My Kitchen Cutlery Drawer". And then move on to "Organize A Bathroom Drawer", and so on and so forth. ✅ Slowly but surely, you are accomplishing your Overarching Goal while simultaneously feeling good as you accomplish each individual goal.❤️


Use Reward Systems

You are not always going to feel intrinsically motivated to stick with your goals, no matter how big or small (sorry… it's just the truth! 😅 ). At the beginning, you will be excited and motivated and ready to tackle your goal. But life gets in the way, and those goals will get harder and harder to feel motivated to accomplish, right?😓

⭐️ Enter: Reward Systems!! ⭐️

Learn to reward yourself with your accomplishments that push you toward your goal.📈 Tell yourself; "If I get this bathroom cabinet decluttered, I can buy cute baskets to reorganize it!"

(We have a whole list of organizational products that you can work your way through as your "rewards"😉).

Or try this;

"If I clean the bathroom, I can go out and get myself a sweet treat."

Don't be afraid to bribe yourself with whatever it takes to work towards your goal🍫 And always celebrate those small wins. No matter what, 1% progress is better than 0%.💪


Create A Schedule

Consider creating a schedule to help you stay on track to accomplishing your goal.

I'm not saying a schedule for the whole year (although you totally could, you overachiever!🤩). But for the majority of us, we don't even know what we are eating for dinner tonight, much less how to schedule a whole year of keeping our home clean.😅

Instead, try just creating a cleaning/decluttering/organizing/whatever your goal is, schedule for ONE week (this goes back to creating specific tasks!!! 😉).

This will help you have a clear plan of action for your goal!📝 You can adjust it weekly as you begin to realize what works and what doesn't work for your life. Eventually, you can even move up to scheduling out your whole month in advance so you don't have to worry about what to do everyday!🥰

If you don't know where to start, we have a free cleaning schedule you can download to help!! Feel free adjust it to fit your life and your needs more accurately, however you'd like!!✨


Rule Of 20/10's

In Rachel Hoffman's book, Unf*ck Your Habitat, she talks about the rule of 20/10's. She says;

"A 20/10 is twenty minutes of cleaning, followed by a ten-minute break. The break is not optional."

When you find yourself overwhelmed with a task, or feeling supremely unmotivated to clean, try implementing this rule!! ✅

Set a timer for 20 minutes and get as much done as you can before the timer goes off (you will be surprised at what you can get done, in this time, when you put your mind to it!!😍). Then, don't forget, the 10 minute break is a necessity‼️ This helps you stay fresh, and not turn it into a huge chore that leaves you exhausted and never wanting to clean again😔🧼

You can check out how I used this 20 minute timer tip to clean my kitchen, here! 👈


Use Checklists

If you are not a fan of being constricted by a schedule, consider using checklists instead!!📝 This allows you to fit in what you need to get done on your own time throughout a day or week, instead of a preset "order" of when to do things.

Having a checklist can primarily help with two things:

  1. It allows you to feel accomplished each & every time you check off an item✅.

  2. It helps you have a clear, visual, understanding of what you need to get done.

The act of writing something down gives less room for debate on if and when you should accomplish it; making it more likely to get done. As opposed to a task just being an idea floating around in your head of what you might want to accomplish.💡

If lists can often time overwhelm you, or feel too lengthy, you can follow my favorite rule of thumb, create TWO check lists. One is your brain dump. 🧠 This is all the items you need to accomplish at some-point, and you do NOT want to forget them, so they MUST be written down to ensure you get to it. And the second list, is for things that actually need to be done TODAY (or this week). 📋 That way, your actual "to-do list" is short and sweet, so you can feel accomplished when it's all complete!


Be Adaptable

As the year progresses, you must learn to be adaptable in your goal.

Your goals might look completely different than you thought it would by the end of the year. And that's okay!!🥰

Your cleaning schedules or priorities will ebb and flow over the year as you learn more about yourself and how you like to comfortably manage your home. Allow these changes to happen and don't feel bad about it!❤️

Even if you have little blips of time when you stray from your goal, don't allow it to completely derail you. Progress is almost never linear. Consistency is key!🔑


Track Progress

Track progress in your home as you would in the gym!!🏋️

Before Of Our Game Cabinet

Take pictures of before and afters of all of the projects (and overall, home) you do during the next few months. Keep the photos all together in an album on your phone or computer. 🖥️

When hard days occur, look back on your progress photos and see how far you have come!!📈

After Of Our Game Cabinet

You might not always be able to see all the small differences and progress you have made over the course of time. So having physical proof of where you were when you started vs. now, can make all the difference!!🤩


Interact Positively With Your Home Everyday

My #1 tip of advice, if your goal is to better your home this year:

Interact positively with your home every day.✨

Whether that be picking up a little bit of trash scattered around, watering a small house plant, doing the dishes, deep cleaning the bathroom, making the bed, buying a cute piece of decor you have always wanted, etc.🖼️ Do something, anything, everyday that makes you feel better about your living arrangements. 🥰

The goal is to create a positive relationship with your home, instead of a relationship filled with dread about living-in and maintaining it.

Remember, small tasks (eg. 5 minutes of picking up) everyday goes a much longer way than huge tasks (eg. 2 hours of deep cleaning) every couple months.❤️


If one of your current goals is to tackle spring cleaning head on, we've got you!🤩

We just released a brand new Spring Cleaning Guide that will help you accomplish all of your spring cleaning goals without all the annoying planning😉

It Includes:

  • Huge checklists for every single room!✅

  • Every product you need to complete these tasks!🧽

  • Suggestions on areas to consider decluttering!🚮

  • A pre-filled out calendar + a blank one to customize yourself!🗓️

  • Some of my favorite, and most useful, pro tips!‼️

  • And finally, I linked MANY videos full of how to’s, tips, hacks, and more to further help you accomplish your spring cleaning goals!😇

Go check it out now! It's on sale for the first week only so GO, GO, GO!!🏃‍♀️


We hope this gave you a more clear idea of how to accomplish your goals going forward!!!🎊Coming up with a clear plan of action will make all the difference in turning your dream into reality!💫

Let us know in the comments what YOUR current goals are (cleaning related or any others!!)🥰

Happy Cleaning & Happy Goal Achieving!✨

See you next week!

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