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Top 10 Prime Day Must-Haves!!😍

We hope you enjoyed Amazon Prime Day, Day 1!!😉

Our day 2 blog of Amazon Prime day is featuring the top 10 best sellers from day 1!! Check out these fan favorite products on sale NOW! 🤩


This was our top seller from yesterday and I can see why!! Look at that deal!! Go get yours now!🤩

This scrubber is perfect for washing tile, bathtubs, grout, the floor etc. without the back pain of leaning over and manually scrubbing! It makes cleaning so much faster and convenient.🧽

2. Book Vase (46% Off)

This book vase is so beautiful and sleek!! It is shaped like a book so you can line it up on your shelf and put some beautiful flowers in it (real or fake!!). And you have yourself a gorgeous bookcase or shelf!!!💐

This adorable case will keep all your electronics from getting damaged as you travel around for the holidays!! It's a perfect gift for a loved one, or just to add to your cart for any travels you may have coming up!✈️

4. Towel Warmer (23% Off)

I know, I know, some people say you can "just use your dryer"... but let me tell you, the convenience of this thing is unmatched!!! I can step right out of the shower to a warm towel waiting for me, or warm up my blankets before a cozy, relaxing evening on the couch! And with the Winter months coming up, I know I will love this towel warmer even more!🥰

5. Bissel Spot Cleaner (28% Off)

This spot cleaner does MAGIC on any upholstery stains, especially pet stains! It's small so it's perfect for using in your car, on the carpet, and on pretty much any other type of upholstery imaginable!! No more scrubbing or trying to find the perfect commercial spot cleaner, this little guy's got you covered!!😉 PLUS, every purchase goes toward Bissel Pet Foundation and its mission to help save homeless dogs!🥰\

This silverware was a top seller and I can see why!! It's a great price for all the utensils you need and perfect for the holidays coming up to take your meals to the next level🤩 It's a stylish, 20-piece set that is dishwasher safe and ergonomic handles🍴

These bamboo drawer dividers are a must have for organizing your drawers! They are adjustable so they can fit in any drawer exactly to your liking! I personally use them for my kitchen utensils but they can be used for any type of drawer organization!!🍴

8. Mopping Slippers (48% Off)

These mopping slippers are perfect to wear while you mop to prevent footprints before the floor dries!! No more doing a dance with the mop to make sure you aren't ruining all your hard work before it gets a chance to dry😅 This pack comes with 10 slippers that are microfiber and reusable! They are also great to slip on the end of mops, or use as handheld microfiber "sponges" for cleaning your car, dishes, windows, etc.!🪟

I know how frustrating dealing with pet hair everyday can be, this tool is a must-have to combat it! It flawlessly removes fur from any upholstery or linens. Plus, it's easy to empty out the hair and reuse again and again! Say goodbye to lint rollers and hello to the Chom Chom🤩🐶

If you've been following along on our social media pages for any length of time, you know this steamer is one of my favorites!! I use it for literally everything; grout, windows, bathtub, sink, clothing, etc.!! This baby can get it all, AND without all the chemicals in commercial product because it's all natural!😉

BONUS: Tineco Floor One S5 (35% Off)

This vacuum was our number one the top seller (for vacuums) from day 1!! It mops and vacuums simultaneously to pick up both dry messes and wet spills!🤯 For the full in depth review, check out the The Ultimate Vacuum Buying Guide blog so you can see if this is the vacuum for you, like it is for so many of our other followers!🤩

PLUS, use code "ReiJacwash" for a free bottle of cleaning solution. Add both to your cart & the code!


We hoped this helped you! Happy Prime Day shopping!✨

Comment YOUR favorite purchase from Prime day below!😉

See you next week!

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